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Create Your Desired Destiny By Your Decisions

Decisions decide life’s proceedings. Decisions are the birth places for life experiences. Your present is often a product of your past decisions. Likewise, your future will be decided by the decisions you are currently making. Every decision is a seed for the future. Whatever you are deciding today is a seed that will produce a…

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The perfectness of the Word of God

(Part of the series “The Law of Liberty.” #3 of the 7 Truths about James 1:25)  Text: James 1:25  What does the word “Perfect” mean? Definition (Noah Webster’s Dictionary): Brought to consummation or completeness; completed; neither defective nor redundant; having all the properties or qualities requisite (necessary) to its nature and kind; without flaw, fault,…

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Overcoming False Accusations

Throughout history, great men and women of character who loved the Lord had experienced false accusations and slanderous lies. The reason for this is obvious – earth is an adversarial environment. The bible says that our adversary, the devil, walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8). Anything good…

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Rest – The Investment You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Rest is a valuable investment. Fatigue sabotages passion. Tiredness is the adversary of excellence. A tired mind rarely sees a picture of possibilities. Rest is the seed for hope. Rest is an investment into your future. Rest is the birth place for energy. Rest is conserving today the energy crucial for tomorrow’s success. God rested…

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Problem-Solving – Your Key To Significance

God has made everything He created to be a solution to something else He has made. Everything God made solves a problem. You were designed to solve problems. Your gifting and personality were divinely arranged for solving problems for others. You were wrought to be a blessing. You possess something that others need. Something capable of…

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Dialogue – Your Key To Blossoming Relationships

There is no human on the earth who has not been hurt in one way or the other. We’ve all been damaged at some point in our lives. Many have endured the heart ache of being misunderstood, disappointed, resented, betrayed, insulted, undermined, humiliated, and even assaulted. Relationships which were once robust and rewarding have suffered…

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7 keys to Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

As a psychotherapist, I have been asked this question several times by clients who suffered from anxiety disorders. In their struggles to understand why they could not switch off from worrying, many of them have tried every solution they knew to defeat their anxiety, but all to no avail. Thus, many have watched their anxiety…

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How do I handle anxiety?

Ice-breaker: Share one thing you are thankful for today. We all have concerns, we all have worries… At what point does a concern turn into anxiety? What constitutes anxiety? What are its symptoms? How do you normally handle anxiety? By focussing on the issue? By trying to escape from it? Can you be anxious without…

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