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Mentorship – Your Bridge to Success

Success is simply the achieving of a worthy goal in life. Every time you realise a particular goal in your life, you experience success. Success is what you feel whenever your expectation is fulfilled. Humans were shaped for success. God wrought everyone specifically for triumph. The desire to succeed in humans is a divine trait.…

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Time – The Currency You Cannot Afford To Waste

Time is currency of earth. Time is what we spend in exchange for everything we have under heaven. God does not drop money down for you from heaven. He gave you time. You then interchange your time for money at your work place. Likewise, God does not literally give you friendships. He gave you time and…

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7 Powerful Habits for Success

Habit is never an enemy, but a gift from God. Habit is a God-given instrument to help us accomplish our goals quicker and easier. Habit simply means anything you do over and over again, becomes easier. Discipline is often confused for habit. Discipline is the mother of habit. Discipline is a deliberate, concentrated and often…

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Dread Going To Work Every Morning?

The answer to the above question for you might be “Yes I do,” and I completely understand. I know what it means to keep holding on to a job, not because of the fulfilment that it brings, but because of the bills that it pays. Many are currently putting up with a job they do…

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