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How To Think Tall And leap Unto Your Future

The mind was designed for thoughts. Little wonder you can never walk away from a thought without walking into another thought.  Thoughts are birthing agents for future actions and experiences. As powerful as thoughts are, they are highly susceptible to the power of words. What we hear often dictates what we start to think about.…

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The Power Of Laughing Aloud

Personality traits may be inborn; but laughter is a choice. Life challenges may arrive unpredicted; but happiness is a decision. Adversity might hits so strong, but it never negotiates your depression. Depression is a human reaction to overwhelming adversity. In other words, your happiness is your choice, and so is your depression. You can choose…

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How To Restore Order Into Your Life in Times of Disorder

Order is the precise and harmonious arrangement of things. It is when nothing is missing, broken or displaced. Order is when someone or something  functions as intended by the creator or manufacturer. Your health is in order if everything functions as intended by your Creator. A relationship is in order if no animosity exists and…

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4 Keys to Unleash Your Financial Breakthrough

Money is never a sin, but the love of money is (1 Timothy 6:10). Your financial prosperity is important to God. But His desire is that you seek His Kingdom first and make His righteousness your greatest passion and desire in life (Matthew 6:33). It is God’s expectation that nothing on earth occupies His place…

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Mentorship is impartation of wisdom. Mentorship is learning through the disappointments, discovery, pain and experiences of another. Your success will require more than your mind. You will need to access the mind of God (through the help of The Holy Spirit) and also the minds of men and women whose accomplishments your respect. God has…

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Analysis Adversity

Adversity is intended to be analysed, and not advertised. Scrutinise your ordeal. Extract the wisdom trapped in it. There is PERCEPTION in your pain.“In the day of prosperity be joyful, but in the day of adversity consider.” Ecclesiastes 7:14

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Beware of Dream-Killers

Everything good and precious requires protection. There is always an enemy, whether it is human agent or the devil himself, whose goal is to take away from you something you consider valuable. You lock your car doors, your house doors, and gates because of your consciousness of a thief. Though you trust God, you obviously…

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When you change your daily habits, you change your future. Your future is a fruit your daily habits.

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Overcoming Panic and Anxiety

Panic is an illogical emotional reaction caused by overwhelming fear. It is a sign of untamed anxiety. Anxiety becomes strengthened and magnified when permitted. Your mind magnifies whatever you permit it to focus on. In other words, anxiety cannot multiply voluntarily without your permission. When you dwell on the pain of your ordeal or on…

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How To Schedule Your Favour

Favour is God’s unparalleled blessings resting on man. It is a Divine preferential treatment. Favour is to be divinely enabled to prosper. But many keep asking, “Can I ever walk in the extraordinary favour of the Lord?” The answer is “yes you can.” You can, if you understand and utilise the key to Divine favour.…

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