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Reject Every Satanic Thought

Your mind is a battlefield. It is where victory or defeat is decided. The battle of your mind is over permission. Your agreement is necessary for the victory of your adversary, the devil. Why?  No adversity can break you without your permission. The goal of Satan is to try and make you accept the negative…

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Are You Satisfying Divine Mandate?

You were created to pursue God’s mandate on the earth. You were saved to fulfil the Great Commission – preaching the Good News and making disciples of all the nations. How passionate are you at spreading the Gospel of the Kingdom of God? What is the main drive of your life? Does your day-to-day living reflect…

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Refuse to Worry

Worry is the attempt of the mind to fix a problem before it ever occurs. It is simply the willingness of the mind to show up today for an anticipated battle regarding the future. Your mind is your garden. You are responsible for its cultivation. Satan’s passion is to sow the weed of anxiety into…

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Every Battle is an Opportunity

Life is a continuous warfare. You are always involved in one battle or the other, whether you realise it or not. There is never a day in your life when you are not in a battle – whether it is a battle over your health, joy, peace, relationships, children, marriage, finances, crucial decision making or…

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Look Beyond Your Pain

Pain is proof that an enemy exists. Adversity reminds us that we are in a fierce battle against the forces of darkness. But whatever challenges you are facing today, be rest assured in the Lord that they will pass. Your pain will pass. Your adversity will subside. The bible says, “…Weeping may endure for a…

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You Are Not Forgotten

Your pain matters to God. He is always thinking about you. When you are weak and discouraged, His heart goes towards you. There is no one on the earth that loves more than the Creator.  He is always touched by the feelings of your infirmities. God is more interested in your healing, peace and breakthrough…

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Greater is He that is in You

Earth is an adversarial environment. Faithfulness, truth and Godly are viciously contested against by Satan. Every movement towards righteousness and holiness exasperate the enemies. The moment you decide to love Jesus, demon powers reinforce to destroy your faith.  Every battle you are fighting today provides an opportunity for the devil to rob you of your greatest…

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Protect Your Mind

Your mind is your world. It is where everything you do starts. Your mind is the birthplace for your future. It is your responsibility to qualify what you allow into your mind. Because your mind will always enlarges whatever it is permitted to focus on. Satan is very aware of this. His whole tactic is…

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Why Not Seek Trustworthy Counsel?

Are you confused over a crucial decision? Is giving up your next option, because of persistent discouragement and lack of improvement in an area of your life? Why not seek counsel before throwing in the towel or it’s too late? You were never designed to succeed in isolation. You were engineered to flourish in trusted…

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Stop asking the Quitters’ questions, “Lord, if you won’t do it, why don’t you just tell me?” I have never seen an exceptional future that emerges overnight. They are always products, among others, of passion, persistence, and PATIENCE

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