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“Never Focus Today On What You Do Not Desire In Your Future”

One of the functions of the mind is to enlarge whatever it continues to focus on. Your mind is a thought-amplifier. It magnifies the object of its attention. For instance, an emotional issue which was “nothing” last night can suddenly become “something huge and serious” this morning, because the mind has been permitted to dwell…

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“Whatever You Do Daily Grows to Shape Your Future”

Habit is a God-given gift for mastery. Routines are divine strategies for extraordinary accomplishments. The clue to your future is in your daily habits. The element of your future is concealed in your present habits. If you desire to change your future, simply change your daily habits. Never perpetuate a habit today that you do…

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Mastering the Act of Asking

Asking is the key to receiving. Questions are the gateways to answers. Answers rarely reveal themselves voluntarily; they only respond to appropriate questions. Answers can be hidden from everything else, but questions. This is a divine law. That is why the bible says “Ask and it will be given to you (Matthew 7:7)”. Jesus was…

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The Purpose and The Destination

Eternal life is not just our destination, but also our PURPOSE on the earth.  Eternal life is the LIFE of Christ in you. It is  also God’s PURPOSE to be fulfilled on the earth (John 17:2). Eternal life is the reign of God and His divine influence in the heart of man; impacting him with…

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