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“A proof of Wisdom Is the Willingness to Learn”

What is Wisdom? I have come across several definitions of wisdom through my learning, but my favourite is the one that I felt the Lord dropped into my spirit – which says, “Wisdom is the ability to discern the mind of God in very situation.” In other words, wisdom is the capability to recognise the…

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Take Control of Your Thoughts

Thoughts have tremendous creative power. Everything that has been invented on the earth man humans was stated with a thought – from a simple pen to a sophisticated plane – all emerged from the thought-energy of humans. Science tells us that everything is energy, and constantly in a state of vibration – irrespective of its…

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Is Your Memory Working For You Or Against You?

What do you think about the most – your past failures or your future possibilities? Your life is whatever dominates your memory. The difference in people is the quality of their recollection. Those who major on recollecting their past disappointments and failures often pollute the present and robs themselves of today’s happiness and opportunities. One…

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Positive obsession is the only route to unparalleled significance.

“Healthy Obsessions Are Seeds for Success”

Success is the produce of positive obsessions. Great achievements are fruits of great habits that become obsessions.  Positive obsession is the only route to unparalleled significance. Whatever does not consume your present, cannot dominate your future. Mike Murdock, one of the outstanding teachers in my life, says, “You cannot have significant success in anything that…

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Daily small steps in the right direction is the success secret of great achievers.

Move Daily Towards Your Life Goal

Whatever you do daily grows to shape your future. Every high achiever understands that the link to their desired future of greatness is what they do daily. Each day is a divine gift for human accomplishments. Daily small steps in the right direction is the success secret of great achievers. Small steps matters immensely. Success…

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Adversities are the winners’ springboards to higher grounds.

“Your Times in the Valley of Life Are Equipping You for Your Mountain Top Triumphs”

I got this wisdom key from the account of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17, when David could not use Saul’s battle gear to face Goliath, and had to go down to the brook (valley) to choose five smooth stones for his sling. The stones he gathered from the valley became highly instrumental in…

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When you choose what you listen to, you choose your energy

Change the Sound that You Hear, And Change Your Energy

Every sound contains different energy. Every voice that you hear generates a different feeling into your mind. When you choose what you listen to, you choose your energy. And the quality of the energy you contain determines the quality of the energy you propel into the world. A squeezed grape fruit can never give out…

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Whatever your mind can imagine and believe, your mind can accomplish

8 Goal-Setting Action Steps to High Productivity and Personal Success

The principle of goal-setting, in my opinion, is one of the most important disciplines regarding personal advancement and success. Why is goal-setting so crucial to exceptional accomplishments? Setting goals is so vital to success because it empowers your mind to function at its best. The genius of your mind never comes alive until you give…

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True fulfilment lies in what you give, and not in what you recieve.

“Your Greatest Fulfilment and Satisfaction Will Come Not From What You Receive, But From What You Give”

Fulfilment is the product of recognising and executing one’s divine purpose on the earth. It is what you feel when you are at the centre of God’s assignment for your life. Everything on the earth was built to give out something that benefits something else. An orange tree is never fulfilled unless it produces and…

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Wisdom For Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New Beginning It is a brand new Year! Many have already begun their resolutions with great determination to make some noticeable improvements to their lives. The start of a new year, to many of us, indicates a fresh start or a new beginning. As a result, many of us see it as an…

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