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How to Handle the Pains and Disappointments of the Past

It is prudent to learn from the past; it is imprudent to live there. One of the benefits of the past is the wisdom and discernment it releases for us to profit by. But if we miss the lessons and major on the pains, we cannot live victoriously as God intended. In this video, I…

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The Power of Repentance

Whenever we approach the Mercy Seat of the Father with humility and honesty and in the name of Jesus, He is always willing to receive us. Here are a few thoughts about repentance and growing in His likeness:

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7 Mentorship Decisions that Can Decide Your Victory and Fulfilment

Decisions determine destiny. The choices that you are making today are deciding the future you are creating. Regarding success and fulfilment, your reactions to mentorship are vital. Here are the 7 Mentorship Decisions that Can Decide Your Success and Happiness In life.

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Strength in Temptations

Your reactions to your current temptations will determine God’s reactions to you next promotion. Nobody is above temptations. If you are human, you are vulnerable to various temptations. It is the evidence of our humanity. We live in jays of clay, the flesh, which is always craving the things of the flesh. When God the Son,…

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Don’t Give Up

Life is full of ups and downs, joys and sorrows. There are times things in our life show some signs of improvement and we are encouraged and uplifted. Other times, we struggle to get going because it just seems like we are  moving from one difficulty to another. This is reality for the human race.…

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