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rive above negative voices

Rising Above Negative Voices

If you continue to listen to the negative voices in your environment, you will not be able to maintain passion to achieve your maximum potential. The the quality of the voices that you permit to take root in your mind will determine the quality of the future that you create. “Wisdom Key #47: Your Future is Decided…

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Press Release: Liberty City Church Merges With World Harvest Bible Church

  We are delighted to announce that Liberty city Church Bradford has merged with World Harvest Bible Church Bradford in a view to unite in faith in fulfilling the Great Commission in the region and beyond. Pastors Wale and Emma Oladipo of Liberty City Church Bradford and Pastors Matthew and Fina Tapusoa are very excited…

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Understanding Your Divine Right for Victory

Do you know your divine right and privileges as a believer? The benefits that you don’t know you qualify for, you can’t activate and enjoy. The bible contains over 8000 Divine promises for your success, joy and victory. It is therefore our responsibility as believers to know our divine rights that will guarantee us a fulfilling…

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4 Keys About Kindness for Influence and Fulfilment

There are many divine principles that must be mastered and expressed if we are to appropriate the fullness of the joy and abundance that Christ has purchased for us. Kindness is one of them. In this video, I share 4 vital keys on kindness that can increase the quality of your influence and position you…

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365 Wisdom For Living: Be All That God Wants You To Be

365 Wisdom for Living: Wale Oladipo

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How to Praise Your Way Out of Your Pain

Remember Paul and Silas; their deliverance arrived in the midst of praise and worship. Also, the walls of Jericho fell because the people raised up their voices in praise. Praise is a proof of faith. When you praise in spite of your challenges, God feels your faith and reacts to your pain. Praising God in…

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man in nature

Activating the Law of Expectation for Your Miracles

Your future is more fascinating than your past. God always looks into your future. He has your future on His mind. He does not consult your past in order to determine your future. His purpose for you is of peace. Your faith is necessary to appropriate the promises of God into your life. Your expectation…

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miracles 2

5 Divine Truths That Will Unleash Your Miracles

A miracle is a gift that only God can give. A miracle is a divine participation in the troubles that you face. Our God is a miracle God. He derives great pleasures in working miracles for His beloved… ..But in creating your miracle, God will always require your participation. He will use what is in your…

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battle of the mind

6 Steps To Win the Battles Over Your Life

The devil has a way of planting unholy or satanic thoughts in your mind in order to make you walk in the flesh and embrace doubts. His purpose is to abort God’s plans of blessings and fulfilment for your life. But the instructions of God for our victory are very clear in scriptures; In this…

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3 Steps to Expose a Wrong Relationship

How can you guard against deceptions and cruel disappointments in your relationships, business, career, work-place that could devastate your emotions. How can you protect your peace and happiness from betrayal, frauds and demonic attacks that could cause you so much pain and setbacks? In this video, I share 3 scriptural truths to avoid the emotional…

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