You Were Designed for Relationships – Part Two

In the part one of You Were Designed for Relationships, I wrote about the intense human need for relationships and how God has made everything He created to require the agreement of something else He has made for its fulfilment. I also emphasised that God created a world that will continue to need Him and each other. Your success will always require the instrumentality of another person. Nobody was designed to succeed alone. You were built for relationships.

My focus in this part two is to share with you some of the most important relationships in life. Relationship is a divine gift for the purposes of motivation, strength, productivity and favour. The difference in seasons is a relationship. The difference between the season of sadness and that of joy is who likes you. For example, in his season of anxiety and despair, David connected with someone who liked him. The bible says the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David (1 Samuel 18:1). As a result, David found strength and courage to weather the storms in his season of misery. Whenever God wants to favour you, He connects someone to you. Many divine gifts arrived disguised as an opportunity for a relationship. Remember, the Samaritan woman by the well nearly misjudged her opportunity to connect with Jesus, the fountain of living water (John 4:9).

Every experience you ever desire in your life is always a conversation away. Favour is never a feeling, but a favourable reaction of someone towards you. Favour is when somebody behaves favourably towards you. Favour is a fruit of relationship. Joseph’s relationship with the butler and the baker in the prison later scheduled a valuable opportunity for him to stand before King Pharaoh and use his difference, his gifting, to solve a national problem (Genesis 40:14; Genesis 41:9-13).

Every relationship has a goal. Some are battlegrounds while others are reward zones. Some extract while others deposit. Some build up while others pull down.  Some are profitable in the present, while others are profitable in the future. Some increase your joy while others decrease it. Hence, it is vital to study difference in relationships. Everything has a different value. Your finger nails are important, but not as important as your blood. Your hair is important, but not as important as your eyes. In the same way, each relationship in your life has a different value. Each connection has its focus and idiosyncrasies. It is your responsibility to recognise the most valuable relationships in your life and then learn to place correct value on them. Until you know those relationships which are most important to your joy and fulfilment, you will not be able to adjust your focus and begin to invest your time, energy and money appropriately. The tragedy is many people continue to feed the relationships which are destructive to them while neglecting those ones which are necessary for their success (Hosea 4:6).

Wisdom is the study of difference – difference in a relationship, an environment, a moment, people, or difference in countenance. Wisdom is the ability to recognise what is important and what is not important, and what is for now and what is for later. Your wisdom is always revealed by the relationships you have chosen to cherish in your life. The most important relationship in your life is an explanation of your wisdom. Ruth prioritised her relationship with Naomi, her mother-in-law, and eventually met her Boaz through that relationship. Elisha focused on his relationship with Elijah and got a double portion of Elijah’s anointing. Jesus focused on His relationship with the father and received the anointing and strength to complete His divine assignment on the earth. Your success is hidden in your ability to discern your most valuable relationships in your life. Below are a few relationships which, in my opinion, are crucial to your accomplishment in life:

  1. Your relationship with the Holy Spirit. God accomplishes nothing without His Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God exerting power on the earth. He is not a bird, wind or a fire. He is a Person. He is God the Holy Spirit. He is the Spirit of wisdom and revelation (Ephesians 1:17). He is the Spirit of counsel and might (Isaiah 11:2). He is the provider of life in man. He is the breadth of life that made man a living being (Genesis 2:7; Job 33:4). He decided your birth and carefully selected your talents and personalities. He imparts power for divine accomplishments on the earth (Acts 10:38). He is the anointing for divine productivity. Ministry is a mistake when the unction to function is missing.

The Holy Spirit is God in action on the earth. He is God with us here on earth. There is never a human ability strong enough to bring to pass the will of God without God’s involvement. The Holy Spirit is the fulfiller of divine desires. That is why Jesus stressed to His disciples the importance of the infilling of the Holy Spirit before they ever attempted to start their divine assignment. He instructed them to wait patiently until they were endued with the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8; Luke 24:49).

If you want to succeed and be fulfilled in your assignment on the earth, you will have to prioritise your relationship with the Holy Spirit. Like any other relationships, time is the currency for intimacy. Time is what you spend to gain closeness or familiarity in any relationship. Time is a proof of love. Spend time to know the Holy Spirit. Sing to Him. Discuss with Him anything on the earth about you. He is your trusted mentor, comforter, and divine helper. He is only Person in your life whose expectation of you is realistic. He is the only Person that requires no explanation from you about you. He is extremely kind and gentle. Be sincere with Him regarding your failings and weaknesses. Consult Him for everything. Ask for His help in everything and you will be stunned at what He will accomplish through you on this earth (Isaiah 32:15).


2. Your relationship with anyone you can trust with your faults, failures and finances. Although this may sound mundane to you, it is the source of most of the devastating human failures on the earth. Most of the painful experiences in life are birthed through misplaced trust. Many have ended their lives because they could not bear the excruciating pain of rejection and betrayal from someone they trusted and loved. Likewise, many families, relationships, passions, dreams, and lives have been destroyed due to financially related problems. Even Jesus’ betrayal was connected to money. Judas was paid to betray His master, Jesus.

Never underestimate the importance of a relationship that you can trust regarding your past failures, your present pain and your money issues. When you find such relationship, nurture it and protect it with the wisdom of God. Your self-esteem, energy, passion and joy are directly linked to those with whom you feel secure, loved, accepted, and important. Proverbs 25:19 says “Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble Is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint.” Remember, almost every irrecoverably emotional tragedy in humans can be traced to misplaced trust.

3. Your relationship with anyone God has assigned to intercede for you. Whoever is passionate at kneeling before    the Lord on your behalf is valuable to your life’s victories. Intercession is rescuing. Intercession is preservation. Intercession is fighting side by side with you in your own life’s battle, making you incredibly stronger than your enemies (Deuteronomy 32:30). That is why intercessors receive even more attacks from the devil than the people they are praying for. They simply make the  scriptural covenant of agreement active in your life’s battle (Matthews 18:19).

Intercession is a divine gift to ensure the safety and success of another. Abram’s intercession rescued Lot from destruction in Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19:29). Although, many possess the gift of intercession only few are willing to use it because, probably, they are so engrossed in their own challenges that they simply cannot minister to others. But when you find a passionate intercessor for your life, it is important that you celebrate and nourish the relationship. Your assigned intercessor is a reward to your life. Your success and joy matter to your intercessor. The future of your intercessor is hidden in his passion to help you succeed through the power of agreement. So, pay attention to those to whom your victory matter, because not every intercessor will disclose to you that they are your battle companions in prayers. But if anyone mentions to you about his God-given passion to lift you up in prayer, prioritise such relationship. Intercessors are life-savers (Ezekiel 22:30).

To be continued….

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