Discussion: How Do I Deal with Rejection?

Discussion: How Do I Deal with Rejection? Part 1 (Blog, 14 / 3 / 12)

Icebreaker: How is your relationship with the Holy Spirit?

Today we’re discussing the damage caused by rejection. In his blog, Wale writes:

“Rejection has the capability to destroy self-confidence, shatter hopes, cripple the natural human desire to succeed, generate severe anxiety disorders, breed phobias, plunge people into depression, bring about serious mental disorders, cause others to commit terrible criminal atrocities, and even force some to suicide. Nearly every human tragedy is connected to rejection.”

  • Are you aware of any famous / successful / biblical characters who experienced rejection? How did they cope with it?
  • Can you think of a time when rejection produced a negative result in your life?

So how should we deal with rejection? Wale writes:

“The good news is that God has given man powerful tools to defeat rejection, and one of them is focus. The greatest battle of life is that of the mind. But the greatest battle of the mind is over focus. Your mind relentlessly fights for focus. Why? This is because your focus decides your destiny. Your focus dictates what increases or decreases in your life. Your focus decides what grows or dies within you. Your focus controls your energy. Your focus determines your joy or your stress. If you focus on your rejection, you will continue to feel dejected, but if you choose to count your blessings and focus on the positives, you will generate new energy for accomplishment.”

  • How did you overcome rejection? Have you overcome rejection? What could you focus on?


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