Early Rising – A Success Ingredient

Great achievers cease their day early. They simply understand the effect of a fresh mind on their creativity and productivity. In the morning, your capacity to focus and think more clearly is amplified. This is because the mind is not yet saturated with the tension, stress and the emotions of the day.

Busyness burdens the mind. As your mind picks up more demanding things during the day to think about, the quality of its productivity diminishes.  This is why successful people wake up early to focus on the most important things on their daily agendas. Bill Clinton, the former US President, said He chose not to make a major decision after 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Many costly mistakes of country Presidents and political leaders can be traced to a fatigue mind. Never deploy a worn-out mind to execute a world-class task.

Great ideas are often deposited in moments. It is unpacking them and refining them that take time. If you work nights, your early rising, of course, won’t be in the mornings. But the key principle here is to engage your mind on what is important to your future while your efficiency is at its peak.

Study yourself to establish when you are at your best. Then schedule that time for uncommon productivity. You will be amazed how much you can achieve in few minutes. Your mind will never deliver brilliance beyond the level of its freshness.

Great men of significance in the bible were all early risers. Abraham rose early (Genesis 19:27), and so did Moses (Exodus 8:20). Joshua was also an early riser (Joshua 6:12). Likewise, Jesus rose early to spend the best part of His day on what was most important to Him – communing with His Father in prayer (Mark 1:35).

Productivity has formulae, and working with a fresh mind is one of them. At your work place, you are basically rewarded with a paycheque for using your fresh mind and energy every morning to help your employers achieve their goals.

Do you desire to grow in your intimacy with God? Become an early riser – you do not have to spend hours praying, just start with 5 minutes. Do you need great ideas or clarity concerning something crucial? Cultivate a habit of rising early to focus your mind on the issue – get a notepad and a pen to write down your thoughts. You will be astonished at what you’ll come up with.

Success is a fruit of great habits. Focus on rising early and you’ll begin to shape your desired future.

Stay Blessed,


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