Embrace Correction

Correction is proof that someone desires the best for you. While the bible is a book about correction (2 Timothy 3:16), God can also use humans to bring a gift of correction to us (Ecclesiastes 7:5).

Listen constantly to the voice of the Holy Spirit for corrections and convictions. He is your master Counsellor. The bible says, “He will teach us all things…” (John 14:26). Your greatness will be determined by your level of humbleness to the mentorship of the Holy Spirit.

Likewise, God uses people to bring us back to the right path. Somebody knows what you do not know yet. Somebody sees what do not presently see. Someone has already conquered the enemy you are just beginning to fight.

Even though, human corrections might come out to you in the tone which you do not like, you can learn so much from them if humbly received and evaluated. Your willingness to listen and learn from others will determine how quickly your desired future will unfold.

There is always hidden wisdom in every correction. Become masterful at seeing corrections as opportunities to advance to excellence. Correction is improvement. If you reject timely corrections, either from God or humans, you will have to learn wisdom through personal mistakes which could be very hard and costly (Proverbs 15:32).

The purpose of correction is safety. When God corrects you through His Spirit or through a human agent, He has your safety on His mind. God wants the best for your life, and that is why He’s left His Spirit inside of you and people around you to help guide you through potential pitfalls into your destiny of fulfilment. Your future demands more wisdom than you currently have. If you can be corrected, you can surely be successful.

What is your reaction to correction? Can you easily be corrected? Or do you become defensive at the face of correction? It may even be that your pride sometimes hinders you from receiving a gift of correction for others.

Ask the Holy Spirit right now to destroy the root of pride in you? Become open to corrections. See them as opportunities to grow in wisdom and also to avoid future painful experiences. Extract the wisdom that lies within each correction you receive, and put them to use in thanksgiving to God.

“He who ignores discipline comes to poverty and shame, but whoever heeds correction is honoured.” Proverbs 13:18

 Yours In Christ,


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