Engineered For Instructions – Part Two

In Part One, I wrote about how earth was designed by the instructions of God and how God designed the earth to yield to the instructions of man. Of course, this was made purpose when God gave the dominion of earth to man (Genesis 1:27). The plan of God was to see man rule and control earth with his mouth just as He rules and controls heaven with His mouth. As the heaven obeys the instructions of the God, earth was designed to obey the instructions of man.

Also, in Part One I shared one of the three ways humans instruct earth, which is through the power of words. In the article, my focus is to share with you the remaining two ways we instruct our world – the power of thoughts and the power of reactions.

The Power of Thoughts

Through our thinking, we impart the earth with instructions as to what we expect from it. Your future expectations are always revealed in your thought-life. If you continue to think that you will never succeed in life, you have just instructed your future to behave according to your confession. You will always be the person you think and believe you are. Positive thinking will create for you a positive future. But negative thinking always schedules an unpleasant future. Your life will continue follow the direction of the thoughts that dominate your mind.

Furthermore, human thoughts also impact his emotions and his physical body. More often than not, we are affected by what we think about. For example, if I start to think about my past disappointments, negative emotions are generated and surely my body will respond accordingly by becoming weak and tired. If I think sad, I’ll feel sad. Conversely, if I think happy, I’ll feel happy. Thoughts are seeds for feelings, and feelings impact our physical body.

Thoughts can also be classified as inner conversation. This is what happens when we communicate in our minds through our thoughts without actually articulating them. Thoughts are non-verbal commands requiring our approval. Regarding giving approval to a thought, an unchallenged thought is permission. Any thought that remains uncontested becomes a potent instruction which must be executed. For example, if an evil thought comes through your mind and is not challenged or rejected, that means you have approved its manifesto, meaning that that thought will begin to shape your future.

But if you do not want to experience the badness of an evil thought, ensure to nullify it with the truth of the word of God in the name of Jesus; otherwise, it becomes a permitted instruction to be executed. No wonder the bible says, “As he thinks in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7). Pay attention to your thoughts. Constantly scrutinise it. Take responsibility for your thought-life. Accept thoughts that increase your faith. But cast down every evil thought in the name of Jesus.

 The Power of Reactions

Reactions are our responses to the words or actions of others. Human reactions can be verbal, acted out or conveyed through body language. My focus here will be on reactions generated though body language. As we all know, body language is a non-verbal communication, consisting of facial expressions, gestures, eye movements and body postures. Every one of us has learnt, to some degree, how to interpret some of the popular body language, such as a frowned face, a sad face, etc., but what many of us do not pay attention to is the fact that our body language is an instructor. It instructs others concerning our state of mind.

Interestingly, we give more away through body language than we ever imagine. Studies have shown that human communication is made up of 93% body language, and 7% words. In other words we talk more with our reactions that we do with words. This then confirms the popular saying that says,” actions speak louder than words.”

As Christians, it is vital to know that our reactions are continuously instructing others concerning our passion, love, hatred, disinterest, prejudice, and indifference, thereby creating for us corresponding reactions from others. I have had to learn to be open-minded and calm during a situation that would have drilled out in me unhelpful body language. Learning to conceal our unspoken conversation (reactions) until we have enough time to think about it is a sign of wisdom and maturity.

Body language is more credible than words. If what you are saying is in contrast with your body language, people will believe your body language and discard your words. You can say what you do not mean, but your body language rarely gives an impression it does not mean. Body language is a subconscious interpretation of the heart.

Does your reaction correspond to your words? Pay attention to your reactions. Many marriages have crumbled simply because the words spoken are not in line with the reactions given. If a man says he loves his wife, his body language should confirm it.  If a wife claims she’s submissive to her husband, it should be revealed in her reactions. Likewise, children are to proof through their reactions that they are truly obedient to their parents.

As I have said earlier, reactions are instructions for execution. So the question is; what future are your reactions creating for you? If your body language is suggesting rejection to your spouse, regardless of your sweet words to her, you are executing an unpleasant consequence into the future of the marriage.

In summary, God made man in His own image, meaning that man is a god in his own right, having been fashioned according to the very nature of His Creator (Psalm 82:6). Having been created in the image of God, man must have a domain (earth), the authority to govern it (his own words) and possess the power to choose his own destiny (free will).

As God rules heaven with His words, we have been authorised to rule earth with our words. But because humans are spirit beings who have a soul and live in a body, we do not only instruct our world in words but also through our thoughts (part of the soul) and reactions (body language).

Therefore, it is important that we allow the Holy Spirit to help us, not only to say words which edify others, but also to create pleasant experiences through our thoughts and reactions. The quality of words, thoughts and reactions will determines the quality of the experience we create in others and in our own future.

In the final analysis, the key is our mind. If your mind is right, your thoughts, words and reactions will be right. But if your mind is not right, it corrupts everything else (Matthew 12:33). Our thoughts, words and reactions are all fruits of the mind. That is why the bible says, “… be renewed in the spirit of your mind;” (Ephesians 4:21-24). Once your mind is in synch with the word of God, your thoughts, words and reactions become instruments for positive instructions, which will create for you a future of joy, exploits and fulfilment.

Remain a blessing,



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