“Opportunities Are Concealed In Every Crisis, But They Must Be Discerned”

The bite of every crisis is change. Regardless of how trivial a crisis may seem, it will never arrive without the inevitability of change. But the good news is wherever change is being created, opportunities are also produced. The change that crisis brings is also accompanied by opportunities. For instance, every health-related crisis always creates new opportunities for qualified doctors and pharmacists. Likewise, performance-related crisis in football often brings about changes which eventually create job opportunities for out-of -work coaches and football staff.

Furthermore, the effects of the current global economic crisis have been extremely devastating for many people, leaving them with a great sense of hopelessness as they struggle to come to terms with the unpleasant changes the financial crisis has forced upon them. But on the other hand, many opportunities have also been created as a result of the economic meltdown. Several business owners who were willing to dig deep for opportunities hidden in this financial crisis have been able to diversify and, in the process, became successful. They take the time to look for hidden opportunities in the financial crisis.

Every crisis has a hidden opportunity, but it must be discerned. There is no crisis without a hidden reward. The only problem is our inability to recognise the opportunities concealed in the crisis that we encounter. I am convinced that whenever you are confronted with a crisis, whether it is in your relationship, finances, health, work, children, or your faith, a significant opportunity is waiting to be recognised and unleashed. Such opportunities are designed to connect you to your future of fulfilment.

God is a God of opportunity. His mercy creates unmerited opportunities. He will never deny any human an opportunity to repent, learn, grow, overcome and prosper. God has concealed opportunities in every challenges. But it is your responsibility to scrutinise your crisis, until its hidden opportunities are exposed. Then act on the opportunity through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The story of David and Goliath presents us with an amazing example of opportunity. There was a crisis in Israel. The army of the Philistines were prepared to defile and destroy the nation of Israel. But David saw an opportunity. He decided, by faith, to confront the philistines through the ferociousness of Goliath, knowing fully well that he would prevail.

David discerned an opportunity. He had heard that his victory would be greatly rewarded by the king. He would never have to pay taxes again; he’ll marry the king’s daughter and receive a stack of money. He was never blindfolded or intimidated by the size of his adversaries. He was never going to give up. He had discerned an opportunity to prove his difference and to be rewarded for it. His willingness to extract the opportunity in a crisis catapulted him from being a shepherd boy to the most respected heroes of His generation.

What crisis are you going through or witnessing at the moment? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal its hidden opportunities to you.  You’ll be amazed of what God can accomplish through you. A sign of wisdom is the willingness to scrutinise your ordeal for any hidden opportunity. When you remain optimistic and proactive in seizing hidden opportunities in your crisis, you schedule a reward. Some of the rewards could be an opportunity for divine intimacy, repentance, spiritual maturity, reconciliation, humility, divine connections, recognition of gifts and talents, credibility, healing, just to mention a few.

Your focus in every crisis determines whether you are rewarded or defeated. If you will trust God and thank Him for the opportunities He is creating and exposing through the crisis you are going through, you will see the glory of God. When there is a crisis, there is an opportunity. Believe it! Go before the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see every opportunity concealed in your crisis. Your life will never remain the same.

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

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