Rest – The Investment You Can’t Afford To Ignore

Rest is a valuable investment. Fatigue sabotages passion. Tiredness is the adversary of excellence. A tired mind rarely sees a picture of possibilities. Rest is the seed for hope. Rest is an investment into your future. Rest is the birth place for energy. Rest is conserving today the energy crucial for tomorrow’s success.

God rested on the seventh day, having created the earth for six days (Genesis 2:2). God set us an example. He showed us a powerful secret to health and productivity. Rest time is restoration time. Work time is exerting time, but rest time is receiving time.

Jesus had an extremely busy schedule on the earth. He was a people person. He preached to thousands and healed people continuously. But He understood the importance of rest. He scheduled rest time (Mark 6:31). Jesus continued to separate Himself from the crowd for a time of rejuvenation.

Life is challenging. People are also very demanding. But it is important that you prioritize rest time. Invigorating yourself will require your full attention. You are responsible for your energy. Your energy is very important, even more important than your money. Likewise, your mind needs rest for quality decisions. A tired mind is always a bad decision waiting to happen.

Work hard, but also plan to rest. When you focus completely on something different from work or life pressure, you birth new energy and hope. Your mind thinks clearly and your creativity comes to life. Never become so engrossed in your future that you forget to enjoy the present.

If rest feels strange and weird to you or your mind cannot switch off from looking for something to do, it is a sign of accumulated stress. Ask the Holy Spirit to destroy seeds of stress and fill you with His peace. Then plan a rest time.


  • How frequently do you plan relaxation time?
  • Could you remember any past rest time that had a positive impact in your work and relationships?
  • If you had a whole week to yourself, what would you do to rejuvenate?


Bless you



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