Rising Above Bitterness (Part Two)

Your future requires your total commitment. The pain of your past is a great burden on the present, and a disaster to your future. Therefore, if you are passionate at achieving your dreams and goals, you will have to live the pain of the past behind you. If your health and success matter to you, the willingness to withhold forgiveness has to be overcome. You will have to learn to forgive. I understand this could be a very painful experience for many because of the hurt of their disappointments. But if you evaluate the costs of unforgiveness, you will realise that forgiveness is the best decision. Bitterness is more destructive than betrayal.

Furthermore, forgiveness does not mean that the perpetrator of evil will go unpunished. The whole universe is run by the Law of the seedtime and harvest, meaning that whatever anyone sows into the life of another, he, himself, will the reap the same from another person (Genesis 8:22). You are a collection of seeds. Everything we do or say is a seed which eventually produces a harvest. But remember, the harvest is always bigger than the seeds planted in the first place. So whoever thinks he has got away with evil is only short sighted. God has set up a system through His divine laws to provide justice on the earth (Galatian 6:7). Therefore, give God a chance to do His work. Judgement and vengeance belong to God (Deuteronomy 32:35; Romans 12:19).

Bitterness is defiance against scriptural instructions (Ephesians 4:31). Resentment is never a fruit of the Spirit; rather it is the fruit of the flesh. The fruit of the Spirit confirms the life of God in you. But the fruit of the flesh shows the occupation of the devil in your life (Romans 8:5-6). Forgiveness is of God, but bitterness is of the devil. Forgiveness leads to restoration but bitterness leads to more evil (Psalm 37:8). Forgiveness heals and strengthens, but bitterness batters and weakens.

Little wonder, in medical science, many illnesses, such as hypertension and heart attack, have been linked to bitterness. Likewise, in psychology, research shows that you are most likely to suffer from psychological disorders such as anxiety, panic attack and depression if you have a lot of unresolved painful issues in your life. Forgiveness is the only authorised reaction for any painful experienced caused, knowingly or unknowingly, by another human.

Have you been dented by the devastation of disappointments? Are you finding it difficult to come to terms with the agonizing pain of abuse you’ve experienced while growing up? Are you currently being damaged emotionally by someone who thinks he can get away with it? Has one of your loved ones been snatched away in an untimely death, leaving you with unspeakable pain and resentment toward God?

Have you resented your parents because of their failures in their duties toward you? Are you hurting as a result of the destructive comments someone made regarding you? Maybe you are harbouring bitterness caused by missed opportunities? Do you resent yourself for your past mistakes and failures? Whatever the case may be, the time to let go and forgive is now. Your time to forgive is really now.

Joseph had to walk away from bitterness he had toward his brothers in order to access the throne in Egypt. David needed to walk away from his bitterness toward King Saul in order to keep his kingly anointing. Jesus had to look beyond resenting Judas for his betrayal so as to complete His assignment of redeeming mankind. Whatever you are willing to walk away from determines what God is willing to bring into your life. Your future will require more than your IQ and positive thinking. Your future will need divine intervention.

But if the sin of resentment still leaves in your heart, the favour of God is put on hold (Psalm 66:18). Bitterness is contrary to divine laws (Proverbs 28:9). Bitterness sabotages prayers (Mark 11:25:26). You were designed a giver. You resemble your heavenly father who forgave mankind of their trespasses (Ephesians 1:5-6). It is a divine expectation to live in forgiveness and be free from all bitterness. Unforgiveness is divinely interpreted as a picture of your ingratitude towards God’s mercy. Therefore, the time to let go is now!

“Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.” Ephesians 4:32

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