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Leave The Past Behind; Schedule Your Future Victories {Video}

Everyone has a story to tell. We are all creatures of memories and emotions. The dominant memories of your past may be distressing, disturbing or painful. Perhaps, yours might be a mixture of anger, indifference and small victories. Maybe your past stories have always been things to forget. Whatever the nature of our past experiences,…

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10 Decisions that Will Create Success Today

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not here. Today is really your life. Why? Because even when tomorrow arrives you’ll rename it “today.” Therefore, the only place there is life to live is today. Your life is in the NOW. Today is the day of blessings. The only way to create a fulfilled life is to…

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How do I handle anxiety?

Ice-breaker: Share one thing you are thankful for today. We all have concerns, we all have worries… At what point does a concern turn into anxiety? What constitutes anxiety? What are its symptoms? How do you normally handle anxiety? By focussing on the issue? By trying to escape from it? Can you be anxious without…

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