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“A proof of Wisdom Is the Willingness to Learn”

What is Wisdom? I have come across several definitions of wisdom through my learning, but my favourite is the one that I felt the Lord dropped into my spirit – which says, “Wisdom is the ability to discern the mind of God in very situation.” In other words, wisdom is the capability to recognise the…

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“People Will Only Seek Your Wisdom, Not Your Foolishness”

Wisdom is the application of accurate knowledge; whereas foolishness is the arrogance of the heart to deliberately ignore the right and proven knowledge in order to apply the wrong one. This can be perfectly illustrated by a medical doctor who smokes. Even though he is vastly knowledgeable with regards to the potential negative consequences of…

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Mentorship – Your Bridge to Success

Success is simply the achieving of a worthy goal in life. Every time you realise a particular goal in your life, you experience success. Success is what you feel whenever your expectation is fulfilled. Humans were shaped for success. God wrought everyone specifically for triumph. The desire to succeed in humans is a divine trait.…

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