The Memory and The Imagination

The mind has two powerful faculties– the memory and the imagination. Your memory re-collects the past, while your imagination pre-collects the future. Your memory retains your past experiences, while your imagination displays your future desires. These two unique capabilities are divine investments into the minds of humans for wisdom and dominion. God gave you a memory for wisdom, and imagination for dominion.

Regarding the memory, as already mentioned, its principal purpose is wisdom. The function of your memory is never for re-entering your past pain, failures and disappointment; but for remembering your past triumphs, thereby collecting victorious wisdom for your current challenges. Likewise, you were not given a memory to remember how distressing your weaknesses and shortcomings had been in the past, but rather to bring to your mind how glorious God’s promises to you are regarding your future.

 Your memory is your responsibility. You determine its functionalities and productivity. If you choose to use your memory as a vehicle into your past tragedies, you will arrive at a future of depression and despair. But if you deploy it for revisiting past victories and precious divine promises from the word of God, you will inevitably build a future of victories and fulfilment.

Concerning the imagination, its principle purpose is dominion. Your imagination is a powerful tool for dominating your future. It is an instrument for creativity and for obtaining. You were never designed to arrive at a future in which you know nothing about. God gave you imagination to shape your future experiences. You were designed a path-finder and a pace-setter. You possess the creativeness of your Heavenly Father.

Imagination is the eye of the mind, without which the mind becomes visionless. Imagination simply helps you see and sculpture your desired future. Until u become skillful at seeing your desired future clearly through the eye of your imagination, your future remains a mirage.

You imagination is the platform of the Lord for multiplication. But if there is nothing positive and purposeful in your imagination, you have simply given God nothing to bless and multiply.  God will only increase abundantly what has already been imagined by His children. Human imagination is a prerequisite for divine multiplication (Ephesians 3:20).

In the kingdom of God, your future is simply whatever you can see. Little wonder God told Abram to deploy his imagination by counting the stars of the sky (Genesis 15:5). God was changing the pictures that dominated Abram’s imagination to become compatible with the covenanted promise. Why? Because your future is whatever picture dominates your imagination. Perhaps, the thoughts of childlessness were beginning to take over Abram’s imagination.

Similarly, God asked Jeremiah in Jeremiah 1:11-12, “What do you see?” Why did God ask such a question? Because whatever you can vividly see through the eye of your mind (imagination) qualifies for physical manifestation. But since this is also true in the negative, you must ensure that the pictures of your imaginations are developed by the truth of the word of God.

Stop feeding your imagination with the thoughts of your potential sickness, injuries, death, shame, disappointments, loss, barrenness, divorce, bad luck, joblessness, boredom, isolation, etc. It is important that you begin to grow God’s promises relentlessly with your imagination until they become a reality.

In conclusion, how have you been deploying your memory and your imagination? Have you used your memory to gain the wisdom necessary for today’s victory? Or have you engaged it to camp in your past? Are you daring to imagine the greatness God has purposed for your future? Or are you using your imagination to multiply your anxieties and the fears of the unknown?

 What can you see? The quality of your future will be decided by the quality of your imagination. How brave are you in carving out your desired future on the platform of your imagination? The significance of your future will always be decided by the braveness of your imagination.

 Have you got dreams, goals or a vision? Begin to sculpture them in your imagination and start to apply your memory to remember God’s promises in challenging seasons. Vision is simply what you see when your imagination is ignited by your creativity. Your life is whatever you have permitted your memory to remember; your future is anything you have allowed your imagination to create.

Become skilful in using your memory to experience the joy of your past triumphs. Likewise, use our imagination to rehearse your future victories. Write your future by faith on the divine blank cheque of your imagination.

“Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.” Hebrews 10:23

Remain a blessing


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