“A proof of Wisdom Is the Willingness to Learn”

What is Wisdom? I have come across several definitions of wisdom through my learning, but my favourite is the one that I felt the Lord dropped into my spirit – which says, “Wisdom is the ability to discern the mind of God in very situation.” In other words, wisdom is the capability to recognise the very action God would have taken in the situation that you are facing had He been in your shoes.

I am a firm believer that there is no true wisdom anywhere else but in God. Wisdom is WHO God is. He is the Supreme Intelligence from whom all humans’ limited intelligences emanate. And without His wisdom in us – our best intellectual and conceptual paradigms are futile.

In fact, Jesus Christ, being The Word, is our true Wisdom according to 1Corinthians 1:30, “And because of him you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, righteousness and sanctification and redemption.” Christ is the Wisdom the whole needs.

On that now, how do we know that someone is wise? Certainly not by the quality of the school or university he attended, nor through the number of titles or abbreviations behind or after his name. It is not even through the brilliance of his IQ. Rather it is through his willingness to learn what is most important in life – which is to know the Will of his Creator.

As you know everything in life has a different value. The worth of your hair is different from the worth of your heart. Likewise, the value you place on your travel documents such as your passport is not the same value you attach to your phone book. The value of everything is determined by the harshness of the potential consequences of not having them. You can survive without having any hair on your head – as most people are comfortably doing. But how many seconds can one live if his heart is disconnected from his body? Not everything has the same value. And this is the biggest test of wisdom – to know how to place the right amount of values to different things.

It fascinates me that many intellectuals of world who think they are wise actually reveal their lack of wisdom by ignoring the most import thing on the earth – their Creator. Many deny His existence, even though the amazing order, extra-ordinariness and beauty of the universe validate the existence of a Supreme Being – from whose MATCHLESS Wisdom everything came to being. They draw their conclusions about The Word of God without having sufficient knowledge of it. A lot of this people are good people, but as the Scripture says, “Good people are not always wise.

The only proof of wisdom is the passion to know the mind of God. Because this is what gives this life a true sense of meaning and guarantees salvation from the peril to come. The bible says, “What good will it is for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? (Matt 16:26-27).

What is your level of passion for learning from the Lover of your Soul – the One in whom we all live, move and have our being? Are you a protégé of the Holy Spirit? Do you have a passion for Truth and a hatred for error?

If you have developed a burning desire to learn at the feet of Jesus – through His Word, you have demonstrated a higher level of wisdom. You are simply smarter than many paraded scholars of this world. The knowledge of the HOLY ONE is the only evidence of true wisdom – and with it come, everlasting peace, unprecedented joy, fulfilment and ultimately eternal life.





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