Positive obsession is the only route to unparalleled significance.

“Uncommon Success Never Strolls Into Your Life; It Arrives At The Speed Of Your Diligence”

In general, success is the attainment of a worthwhile goal. You achieve success when a predetermined goal is fulfilled. Whether it’s getting to work on time or completing a marathon, as long as you satisfy your desired objective, success is attained.

Now, what success means to you might be different from what it means to me. Success to you may be interpreted as financial prosperity, while success to another might just be serving his gifts to his community. But whatever you consider a success in your future will surely cost you several things, one of which is diligence.

What is diligence? Diligence is purpose, passion and persistence.  In other words, it is single-mindedness, affection, and tenacity. Regarding exceptional accomplishment, these three ingredients for diligence are very essential.

Purpose – Single-mindedness

Purpose is the concentration of time, energy and resources toward a worthy goal. Diligence without a clear purpose is illogicality. Purpose is the reason for diligence. Therefore, you must decide a single focus for your life so that your investments can be appropriately channelled.

Ask quality questions. What do I want to invest my time, energy and money on and why? What am I willing to surrender my full attention to? How relevant is it to my desired future? Having a sole focus or purpose is the first step of diligence toward uncommon success.

Extraordinary success only honours the single-minded. Do not try to do many things. Identify one thing you are good at and concentrate on it. Tiger Woods is only known for golfing. Muhammad Ali only focused on boxing. Great men and women only become great doing the only thing they know best. I believe that one of the main road blocks to uncommon success is attempting too many things. If you can be single-minded concerning a goal, you can be singled from the crowd.

Passion – Affection

Passion is intense hunger or appetite for something. I am convinced that passion is a clue to what you should prioritise in life. In other words, you passion should choose your purpose/ focus. What you are passionate about reveals the gifts you contain, and it is on the platform of your gifting that you can achieve exceptional accomplishment (Proverbs 22:29). The difference between excellence and mediocrity is passion.

Now, because passion is affection, it has to be deployed naturally. In other words, you cannot be passionate about something you do not like. That is why it is important to decide a purpose that naturally unleashes your passion. Michael Jordan made his name doing one thing he loved – basketball. What do you like to do? What unlocks your energy? What is it that brings a smile to your face?

Passion is energy for accomplishment. Without it, success is impossible. Passion decides your energy. It also determines what your mind wants to learn about and what your mouth loves to talk about. Likewise, passion decides what you are willing to endure. A proof of passion is the unwillingness to quit. What you love doing is a key to fulfilling your maximum potential. Passion is the seed for creativity, and without your creative ability, uncommon ideas can never be unlocked.

Persistence – Tenacity

Persistence is the consistency in purpose and passion, regardless of setbacks, disappointment, hardships, oppositions or adversities. It is steadfastness in your patience. Many great futures have been aborted simply because they quit in the face of failure or other challenges of life.

If you desire a great future, you will have to learn to endure through the pain until your victory emerges. There is no such thing as diligence without determination. Tenacity is simply the heartbeat of diligence. Whatever goal you are currently pursuing, your persistence will be required, whether it is completing a degree, growing a business, raising you children, writing a book, saving up for a future goal, learning to drive or living a life of holiness.

Persistence is the qualification for a reward (James 1:12). Do not take every challenge you face as a stopping stone, but a stepping stone to your higher ground. Your future accomplishment is always as powerful as your willingness to persevere. The quality of a man’s diligence is revealed by the magnitude of his endurance. Therefore build your endurance.

Uncommon success hardly arrives casually; you will have to invite it in by laying hold of diligence. And diligence is a three-edged quality; PURPOSE, PASSION and PERSISTENCE. When you are single-minded toward a goal, passionate and tenacious, you prove diligence. Demand diligence from yourself and reward it in others and you’ll begin to build a future of great influence.






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