“Whatever You Do Daily Grows to Shape Your Future”

Habit is a God-given gift for mastery. Routines are divine strategies for extraordinary accomplishments. The clue to your future is in your daily habits. The element of your future is concealed in your present habits.

If you desire to change your future, simply change your daily habits. Never perpetuate a habit today that you do not desire in your future. When you choose a habit, you choose a future. Great achievers choose great habits, and their habits decide their future. Daniel prayed three times a day and developed such divine intimacy that later rescued Him from death (Daniel 6:10). Jesus went to the synagogue daily and grew in wisdom which was necessary for His assignment on the earth (Luke 4:16). Tiger Woods followed his dad to play golf daily, and created for himself an exceptional golfing future.

What do you desire in your life? What do you see in your future? What habits are you presently nurturing?  Are they moving you towards the direction of your desired future? Is there any unhelpful habit you need to get rid of?

Begin today to create winning habits. Pray daily. Worship God daily. Study the Word of God daily. Confess the Word of God daily. Renew your mind daily. Exercise daily. Love daily. Learn something about your passion daily. Solve a problem for someone daily. Any focus that does not become habitual in your life will never qualify for a significant future. Let your daily routines be so filled with positive habits, such that your glorious future can’t wait to unfold itself.

Focus on breaking off those bad habits which are currently advancing into your future. Seek help and accountability if required. Be sincere with yourself regarding the effects of those habits you’re presently permitting. Dominate your present with great habits and birth an enviable future.

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