Wisdom Key #25: Imagination is the eye of the mind; the genius of the mind remains paralysed until it sees through your imagination.

Wisdom Key #25: Imagination is the eye of the mind; the genius of the mind remains paralysed until it sees through your imagination.

The mind is the birth-place for extraordinary accomplishments. It is filled with hidden treasures of great ideas and wisdom, capable of transforming the entire humanity. Your mind is the factory for change. I cannot change you until I change the focus of your  mind.

God gave you a mind to resize your life experiences and design your destiny. You can use your mind to magnify or diminish a developing negative situation. Likewise, you can use your mind to blow up or water down a divine thought.

shutterstock_77522287But as powerful as the mind is, its genius is redundant unless it sees first through imagination. Imagination is the eye of the mind. Just like you see through your physical eye, your mind also sees through your imagination.

And until the vision of your imagination, concerning your future, becomes very clear and vivid, the brilliance of the mind remains paralysed. It can move you towards your destiny – as it lacks positive vision. Rather, it’ll become susceptible to falling into the ditches of devil.

What do I really mean? If you have cannot see your desired miracle, experience or future very clear in your imagination, in its completed state – and through the light of the Word of God, your mind will not be able to navigate to get you there.

In other words, until you engage your imagination positively and use it to build the outcome of your expectations, no positive change can really take place, no physical manifestation of your hope is possible.

Your imagination cannot be filled with doubts, fear, and unbeliefs; then expect divine ideas and wisdom that will cause positive changes to flood your mind.

Before transformation can occur, it must, first of all, take place in the mind. Before you can see your miracles and desired life experiences in physical reality, you must see them first through the eye of your mind, which is your imagination. And once you see your miracle in its completed state in your imagination, then your mind becomes alert and sensitive to receive the divine instructions and guidance that will make those positive contents of your imagination come to pass.

You see, as believers, we have the mind of Christ through the Holy Spirit the resides within us. But to access the limitless treasures of the mind of Christ within us, our own mind must first align itself with the divine law of faith. The law of faith, according to the words of Jesus in Mark 11 :24, says that “…I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Notice Jesus says “…believe that you have received it…” This is key: When you close your eyes in prayer, after you’ve asked for a thing, immediately you must begin to see, through the eye of your imagination, the full completion and manifestation of your request. That is what it means to “believe that you’ve received it.” And this is faith (Hebrews 11:1-2) The picture of your imagination must change from negative to positive, from hoping to gratitude, from sadness to gladness.

The state and focus of your imagination is crucial to whether or not you will be able take advantage of the boundless Wisdom of God which the blood of Christ has made available to you through your covenant relationship with Him. When God wants to change your life, He first seeks to change the dominant pictures of your imagination. He wants to make it compliant to His will, in order for you to be able to bring His will to physical manifestation in your life. In other words, your own mind must be renewed (Romans 12:2) from the negative pictures, ideas and beliefs which are contrary to the God’s Word.

When God established His covenant with Abraham, He needed to change the pictures that dominated Abraham’s imagination. Remember, God took him outside and asked him if he could count the stars in the sky (Genesis 15:5). God was basically programming a picture of his future in his imagination. After that pictorial experience, the mind of Abraham caught up with the mind of God, and the genius of his own mind was unleashed. This was evident with great ideas God gave him which eventually made him very prosperous. One of them was the digging of several wells that enabled his flock to flourish and blossom.

Likewise, when Jeremiah said to God that he’s only a child, God said to him to keep quite. Then He gave him a different picture to occupy his imagination. He said “ ..“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, “…before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.”…” (Jeremiah 1:5). After God altered his pictures of his imagination, his ministry took a whole new direction. Why?  His mind-picture had changed and now in alignment with the will of God.

Now a question for you: What pictures about you dominate your imagination? Are they positive or negative? Are they empowering or disempowering? Do they align with the will of God (His Word) or deviate from it?

It is crucial that you begin to see through the eye of your mind the promises of God for your health, marriage, education, career, business, relationships, finances and future. Stop seeing negativity and start seeing positivity of the word of God – as already in fruition in your imagination. Begin to see possibilities, as opposed to negativity.

Nullify every unholy, fearful, doubtful and negative imagination in your mind. Cast down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

Begin to saturate your mind with the pictures of hope, strength, love, deliverance, restoration and blessings as given in the Word.

This will then awaken the genius of your own mind to receive divine insights, ideas, guidances and instructions that will activate the miracles of turning your positive imaginations into physical reality.

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