You Are Not Forgotten

Your pain matters to God. He is always thinking about you. When you are weak and discouraged, His heart goes towards you. There is no one on the earth that loves more than the Creator.  He is always touched by the feelings of your infirmities.

God is more interested in your healing, peace and breakthrough than you are. He is the author of peace. He secured your healing and prosperity by the blood of His Son, Jesus. The bible says He is your sun and shield; He gives grace and glory, and no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11). Although it may seem as God has forgotten you, especially when the answers you desperately need never arrives, He is working out something extraordinary for your future.

Waiting is Part of Life

There will never be a day in your life when you are not waiting for something. Everyone is always waiting for something. You wait for the day to dawn. You wait for winter to go. You wait for summer to arrive. You wait for the planting season. You also wait for the harvest season. You wait, wait and wait for everything under the sun.

Life is lived in seasons; but the gap between seasons is a season called “waiting season.” Life is simply a collection of waiting seasons. The interval between your present and your future is a waiting season. The reason for waiting is to allow the future to unfold itself. Waiting is the essential passage way into your future.

There is Purpose in your Waiting

Delay is never divine rejection. Waiting serves an incredible purpose in our lives, such that no other activity under the heaven can replace. Waiting reveals the level of your passion for your desired goal or future. One’s level of commitment and endurance is tested during your waiting period. Your level of passion for entering into your desired future, whether it’s a future of healing, peace or prosperity, always decides how long you are willing to wait. How much you want something will be determined by how long you are prepared to wait for it.

Secondly, waiting exposes every hidden deception in your belief system. Your belief system is a collection of your life persuasions. Your life persuasions are series of information you have chosen to believe. But in life, I believe that there are three main sources of belief system which are capable of defining our destinies; The Word of God, the lies of the devil and the philosophy or traditions of men. Each of these sources contains a different focus, strength and deposit. Therefore, in challenging times, your ability to persevere will be as strong as the strength of the source of your belief system. But most importantly, if you do not know what you really believe, in your waiting season you will discover it. if there is any deception in your heart, the pain of waiting will unearth it.

The belief system that has the most influence in your life will be exposed during the waiting period. If there are any ungodly motives, ignorance, insecurities or lack of faith in you, they will all be exposed during your time of waiting. For example you will never know how strong your faith in God is until you find yourself waiting a long time for the arrival of a promise. Waiting is the acid test for faith.

What Do You Do While Waiting?

It is important, however, to understand that what you do while you are waiting will decide the future that you unfold. You must recognize that your desired future is not inevitable; rather your future is a product of the decisions you make in your waiting period. Decisions are the birthing agents for destiny. The difference in the seasons of your life is what you do while waiting. The deference between your present and your future is your reactions in your season of waiting.

Two Crucial Reactions Necessary for Success in Your Waiting Seasons

  • Embrace the season of waiting as a necessary season for growing. Every great future requires a qualification. There is nothing worthwhile that is without a qualification process. For example, athletes have to go through an unpleasant qualification process, before they qualify to compete at the Olympics. In the same manner, whatever you are expecting in your future, you’ll have to go qualify for it. Waiting season is the time that is divinely set aside for your growing, maturing, testing and qualifying. Waiting period is simply an invitation to qualify for your future.

Instead of cursing the day you were born, begin to see your waiting season as a divine opportunity to grow and be thoroughly equipped for the future God has for you. Remember Jesus waited for thirty years to fulfil a three and a half years of ministry. God’s purpose for your future will require maturity, faith, diligence, endurance, life-style of thanksgiving, forgiveness, sacrifice, selflessness and new energy. These are what God is knotting into place during your waiting season. The bible says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything” (James 1:2-4). Without the waiting seasons, you’ll be premature and less-equipped for your divine assignment on the earth.

  • Hold onto the Promises of God and your faith confessions. Faith is confidence in God. Faith pleases God and decides the level of your favours with Him. In your waiting periods, every decision you make is out of faith or doubts. Whatever you do is a picture of your confidence in God or lack of confidence. The key to your breakthrough is hidden in your faith. The bible says “For by faith the elders obtained a good testimony” “(Hebrews 11:2). Jesus says “…If you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes “(Mark 11:23).

Refuse to listen to wrong voices whose passion is to destroy your faith. Your future will be determined by the voice you believe. Pursue the counsel of those who build your faith and disconnect from those who destroy it. Identify the Joshuas and the Calebs around you, and forfeit the company of the ten Spies who planted negative reports into the hearts of others.

Listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit. The voice of The Holy Spirit births faith to carry on. Stand consistently on the Word of The Living God. Divine energy is concealed in Divine Word. Listen for instructions from proven and trusted men and women of God in your life. God hides keys to our fulfilment in various vessels. Then wait patiently and thankfully for His deliverance. He will never disappoint you.

“…Those who hope in me will not be disappointed.” (Isaiah 49:23)




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