“Your Mind Is Like a Goldmine; If You Dig Hard You Will Discover Astonishing Treasures”

The greatest asset of man is neither his mansion nor his museum, but his mind. Your mind is more valuable than any earthly wealth you will ever accrue. The mind is the factory for extraordinary exploits. It is where uncommon discoveries are dug up, developed and dispersed.

Every exceptional invention starts with an idea. But an idea, being just a thought of the mind often generated by impulsive mental understanding, will never transform into something significant willingly. Focussed thinking and endurance will be required. If you are someone who has never thought for more than ten minutes over an idea, you must be prepared to invest several hours into concentrated thinking. What turns a simple idea into uncommon innovation is the tenacious exploration of the mind.

The willingness to dig deep, through focused thinking, until the genius of the mind emerges is what separates the Greats from the rest. World-changing ideas are often disguised as a ridiculous wild thinking, but it is the perspiration of the mind through rigorous thinking that reveals its true worth.

 Just as gold is never found on the surface of the earth but underneath the earth, so are great ideas. It will require your thinking. Although thinking is hard, as supported by Henry Ford “Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason why so few engage in it,” but it’ll be worth it in the end. there is alway a huge price to pay for greatness.

While an idea can be a divine deposit, innovation and exploits are always human decisions. Great accomplishments are products of human willingness and determination to deploy the power of the mind and never give up until amazing treasures are exposed.

Ingenious ideas are God’s gifts to every human (James 1:6). The bible tells us that each one of us has received a special gift from the Lord (1Peter 4:10). In other words, there is no human on the earth who has not received seeds of thoughts capable of imparting his generation. But the tragedy is that because such ideas often arrived either trivial or clumsy, many discard them too soon instead of deploying their mind to refine them.

I believe that ideas are snap-shots into the God-given potential in every human. Thoughts are doors to the vaults of the mind. Therefore, a thought might seem insignificant when received, but it is by digging it through your mind that you unearth its hidden treasures.

Many discarded ideas are possibilities for incredible successes if properly extracted. The onset may not make a lot of sense, but one thing will lead to another, as you devote quality time to focus thinking, until something valuable is discovered.

Refuse to think on the surface regarding the ideas you have been given. Decide to explore them until you discover the treasures them are meant to lead you to. Winston Churchill said that, “The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” And I believe him. All your future achievements and successes will always be products of the diligence and persistence of your mind. What idea has come to your mind lately? What about those ones you’ve been putting off? It is time you devoted quality time to digging deep into your mind until something worthy of pursuit surfaces.

When you go the extra mile in your thinking until you get a result, you simply add “extra” to an idea others might classify as “ordinary.” God gave you a mind to scrutinize and refine your thoughts until you come up with something by which your generation can be blessed. When you master how to focus your mind a little bit longer than normal, you become a source of uncommon blessings to the world.

As believers we have the Holy Spirit of God residing within us, who is the Spirit of wisdom and understanding. You have been furnished with the ability to unearth knowledge of witty inventions (Proverbs 8:12). Therefore, reject every thought that condemns you to the ordinary. Renounce the spirit of averageness. You have the mind of Christ. The bible says, “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength” (Philippian 2:13).  If you really believe you, you can.

You contain a solution to someone’s problem. The answers some have been waiting for are trapped in your mind. Take an inventory of your passions, desires, old ideas and interests and begin to dig deep for their possibilities. There are rare treasures concealed in your mind; you’ll be amazed of what you’ll discover if you are willing to pay the price of persistent digging. You’ve been empowered to bless your generation. Discover your hidden mind treasures and use them to expand the kingdom of God on the earth.

Yours in Christ,



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