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Struggling to say “NO”?

Struggling to say “NO” to things or people?  Identify your life’s purpose and set daily goals to reach it. Until you know your “YES” in life, saying No to things or people remain a struggle. It is the passion for purpose that forces the wise to learn to say NO to good things or people…

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The Power of Pursuit: How To Get What You Desire

God responds to pursuit. Although He is touched by your pain, tears and the feeling of your infirmities, God is not committed to divine intervention until He smells the sweet aroma of your pursuit. Pursuit reveals passion, desire and trust. Your willingness to reach for God is a portrait of your faith. Faith is the authorisation…

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There Are Hidden Gifts In Your Adversity

Emma and I recently fought side by side with a couple in the challenges they have had. We prayed, studied the Word, fasted, and exercised our faith together, knowing fully well that we do have a High Priest who is not only touched with our weaknesses and challenges, but also able to turn our troubles…

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Knowledge can provide a road-map to your future, but it is WISDOM that gets you there. Wisdom is knowledge implemented.

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How To Pray Effectively : The Prayer that Produces Results (Part Two) ( 8 Components for Effective Prayer)

My focus in this Part Two is to share the hidden secrets for exploits in prayer. Two important foundations are vital for effective prayer, Divine intimacy and Obedience. Divine intimacy The phrase “Be fruitful…(Genesis 1:28)” denotes Divine intimacy. Until you are rooted in the right soil, fruitfulness is redundant. God is the source of your…

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How To Pray Effectively : The Prayer that Produces Results (Part One)

Prayer is conversation with God. It is the submitting of the feelings and desires of our souls to God in the name of our Great Mediator Jesus Christ (Hebrews 9:15). Prayer is the earth’s ultimate conversation. It is the channel through which Divinity connects with humanity. Prayer is talking and listening to God. It is…

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How To Protect Your Mind For Greatness

What voices have you permitted in your environment? What kind of sound is impacting you? Every voice has a different impartation. Every sound creates different mood. What voice is active in your world? Is it a voice of negativity, pessimism, fear, doubt, unbelief, inferiority complex? Or are they voices of hope, faith, grace, purpose, confidence,…

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How To Resist Worrying

Worrying is to show up today for tomorrow’s anticipated battle. Worrying is an attempt to take on your challenges in your own strength. It is the consequence of broken focus. Anxiety is what happens when we take our eyes off Jesus and begin to focus on the noisy storms around us. Worrying wearies. Anxiety exhausts.…

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Discovering Your Seeds For Abundance

What seeds are in your hands? Something you have in your hand is the key to unlock something else you desire. God had a Son, but He desired a family. He sowed His only begotten Son to reap a family of believers. Likewise, Abraham had Isaac, his only son of promise. He obeyed God and…

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Healthy Humour

Healthy humour is not only for bringing laughter into someone’s sadness. It is also a powerful and positive mind-set for winning in life. Healthy humour is the willingness to identify and enjoy the laughter hidden in every life’s circumstance. If you can see and share the fun concealed in your challenges, you can conquer it,…

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