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Use your Future to Conquer your Past

One of the purposes of your future is to conquer your past. Stop focusing on your past disappointments, and start magnifying your future. Make the picture of your future victories a huge master-piece in your mind, that yesterday pain and failures have no room to showcase themselves. God has designed a glorious future for you.…

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Courtesy is a deliberate, and sometimes sacrificial, expected behaviour that reveals one’s respect for another human. Courtesy is a seed of kindness. It is impartation of value, importance and worth into another. It is also a human protocol that conveys respect into the heart of another. It is simply my gift of love that unlocks…

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The blessings in your future will always be relative to your willingness to adapt to the preferences of others. Adaptation is never surrendering to the will of another person. Rather, it is the celebration of the needs of another.

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Holiness, not Self-Righteousness

The pursuit of holiness is a different seed than self-righteousness.  Holiness is human reactions to the love of God poured out in their heart by the Holy Spirit. It is proof of genuine love towards God. Holiness is the gift of honour to Divine presence who resides within us. Holiness is simply obedience to Divine…

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4 Keys To Unleashing Your Divine Deposits For Greater Exploits

What are you good at? What is your dominant strength? What does your mind love to learn about? What do you have a passion for? It might be small at the moment, but so is the Oak tree when just starting up as a seed. Anything small can be made big through focus. What is…

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After you’ve decided what you would rather become in the future, then act like it.  Begin to act like what you are going to be. Confidence is simply behaving today as if you were in your desired future.

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7 Keys to a Fulfilled Life

Your intellect, will-power, strength, connections, opportunities and positive thinking are not divine enough to fulfil God’s purpose for your life. It takes only God to complete what He started in you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb (Philippians 2:13). God is committed to fulfilling His purpose for you (Psalm 33:9). It takes Grace…

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There is no master-piece achiever who has never learnt the golden key to excellence – the willingness to be corrected. Correction is the act of pruning that distinguishes excellence from mediocrity.

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Your words are powerful warriors, fighting for you or against you.   “I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.” Psalm 120:7

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Avoid Distractions

Are there focus-breakers in your environment? Who are you connected to? What impact are they making on your focus? What is contesting for your attention?  Broken focus breeds failure. If you can maintain focus, you can mould your desired future. Where there is no focus, there is no future. Disconnect from every distraction. Then fix your…

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