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How To Turn Your Weaknesses to Greatness (Part Two): 7 Keys to Turning your Weakness to Greatness

Every weakness is an opportunity for divine strengthening. The existence of a weakness in your life is proof that you need God. God wants to take your weakness and turn it to greatness. He wants to take the areas of your life that people have condemned to failure and turn it around for success. If…

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7 Scriptural Observations on Obedience

1. Obedience is the only thing God requires from man. The entire Bible is a book about obedience. Obedience is the complete submission to the sovereignty of the Most High God. Disobedience is rebellion against Divine authority. God only demanded obedience from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but was disappointed. Thus, Jesus…

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Learning – A Powerful Preservative for Passion

I was so stirred this morning on the word “PASSION,” and I have decided to document a few thoughts the Holy Spirit gave me on this subject, regarding goal reaching. I Hope it blesses you. Relentless learning is a powerful preservative for passion. Passion is never a virtue without a cost. Passion is a reward…

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