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Your Present Battle is a Clue

Battles are clues that your breakthrough is within reach. Whenever your miracle is imminent, the devil always schedules a battle against you. Why? Because every blessing released from heaven exasperates him. Satan passionately hates every good gift that arrives at your house from above. The devil is after your faith. He wants to discredit and contradict…

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Embracing the Overcoming Attitude

Attitude is not just a mere outlook of life, but a deep-rooted philosophy of the mind. Your attitude is the prototype of your belief system. You behave the way you do, not because you just feel like it, but because it’s been authorised by your belief system. Human belief system is an encrypted data-base of…

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7 Important Steps for the Success of Your Vision

A vision is a clear mental picture of your desired future. It is seeing from your present a pictorial representation of your preferred future. In other words, your life vision is your chosen destination, regarding productivity and fulfilment. A vision can be God or self-initiated. It is possible that God reveals to you a specific vision…

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Plant a Seed of Honour

Every legitimate authority over your life is a divine channel for your promotion; but honour is the qualification. Your reaction to legitimate authority is a picture of your character. Your character decides favours and their longevity. “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the…

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The Memory and The Imagination

The mind has two powerful faculties– the memory and the imagination. Your memory re-collects the past, while your imagination pre-collects the future. Your memory retains your past experiences, while your imagination displays your future desires. These two unique capabilities are divine investments into the minds of humans for wisdom and dominion. God gave you a…

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No More Condemnation

The devil is advancing his territory in the hearts of many through his ministry of condemnation. He continuously seeks to plant guilt into the heart of people, thereby breaking their focus from the mercy, grace and the loving-kindness of God. Guiltiness is the adversary of divine intimacy. The goal of the devil is to try…

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My Commentary on the Extraordinary Effects of Divine Laws

The entire Gospel focuses on two important parts; King Jesus and His Kingdom. One is the Person of Jesus and the other is His principles. One is the Life of God within you and the other is the Laws of God around you. Your acceptance of King Jesus guarantees your eternity. But it is your…

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A Secret Key to your Breakthrough

Selflessness is a powerful key that unlocks divine mercy. Your breakthrough will always arrive at the speed of your selflessness. Until Job looked beyond his tragedies and began to focus on solving his friends’ problems, his breakthrough never arrived. If you desire to experience a swift supernatural turn-around in your challenges, you will have to look…

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Integrity – a seed for Intimacy

Integrity is doing what you say you will do, not saying what you know is untrue and not doing what you know is wrong. Integrity is honesty and reliability.  God is a God of integrity and He expects His children to manifest His divine qualities. Never promise what you are unwilling to fulfil. Dishonesty destroys…

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Obedience Commands Blessings

Be encouraged! Your obedience to God’s instructions will never go unrewarded. The kingdom of God is a kingdom of rewards. God clearly demonstrates in Scripture His passion for rewarding the obedient. The bible says in Exodus 19:5 that “Now therefore, if you will indeed obey my voice and keep my covenant, you shall be my…

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