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Engineered For Instructions – Part Two

In Part One, I wrote about how earth was designed by the instructions of God and how God designed the earth to yield to the instructions of man. Of course, this was made purpose when God gave the dominion of earth to man (Genesis 1:27). The plan of God was to see man rule and…

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“Love Is the Incorruptible Seed That Produces Uncommon Harvests in Every Environment”

In Scriptures, love is demonstrated as more than affections or feelings; it is an intense passion to obey divine instructions, with an unquenchable desire to know more and more of God’s will, for the purpose of loving others the very way God loves us (1 John 2:3-6). Love is the essence of God. He is…

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Have You Identified Your Life Priority?

This is an important question many Christians have never really pondered on. Probably, because we have not fully understood how important human greatest priority is to God.  Consequently, we continue to fail God’s priority test for living, having surrendered the sacred alter of priority in our hearts, which is God’s only, to mere things of…

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Designed for Relationships (Life Group)

Designed for Relationships (Blog 25 Feb ’12) In this blog, Wale highlights the importance of relationships, explaining how we can never achieve anything by ourselves because we were designed to work, cooperate and depend on others. He talks about the ‘law of relationship’; how that nothing on earth was designed to exist in isolation. He…

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Rest is an Investment (Life Group)

  Rest is an Investment (Blog, 6th March 2012)   Icebreaker: What was the longest time you’ve gone for without sleep? God rested on the seventh day, having created the earth for six days (Genesis 2:2). God set us an example. He showed us a powerful secret to health and productivity. Rest time is restoration…

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Whose Wisdom Do You Embrace?

Who is your trusted counsellor? Whose voice do you trust? Your future will be determined by whose counsel you follow. If you rely on the wisdom of men, it will fail you. But if you put your trust on the counsel and wisdom of God, you will become unshakable, rising from strength to strength. Your…

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“Your Mind Is Like a Goldmine; If You Dig Hard You Will Discover Astonishing Treasures”

The greatest asset of man is neither his mansion nor his museum, but his mind. Your mind is more valuable than any earthly wealth you will ever accrue. The mind is the factory for extraordinary exploits. It is where uncommon discoveries are dug up, developed and dispersed. Every exceptional invention starts with an idea. But…

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Audio - Wisdom

Engineered For Instructions – Part 1

Earth was designed by instructions and for instructions. The earth and everything in it came into existence by the instructions of God (Genesis 1). There is nothing on the earth that is not a product of an instruction. The bible says that “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s COMMAND” (Hebrews…

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“Imagination Is Like a Blank Cheque; You Can Cash In Whatever You Dare To Imagine”

Your mind has two important faculties; the memory and the imagination. Through the memory, you re-collect your past experiences, and through your imagination, you pre-collect your future desires. Your imagination is a divine gift to you, not to use to extend your doubts, worries and anxieties into the future, but rather to use as an…

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“Opportunities Are Concealed In Every Crisis, But They Must Be Discerned”

The bite of every crisis is change. Regardless of how trivial a crisis may seem, it will never arrive without the inevitability of change. But the good news is wherever change is being created, opportunities are also produced. The change that crisis brings is also accompanied by opportunities. For instance, every health-related crisis always creates…

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