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Plant a Seed of Attention

Every human nurtures a strong desire to be heard and understood. We were all designed with a burning desire to express our feelings, and when we meet someone who cares enough to listen for understanding, we feel valued and satisfied. While listening remains your pathway into the mind of another, it is a strong proof…

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Worship While Waiting

Patience is the grace to remain steadfast in faith until your expected future unfolds. Waiting time is never wasted time, but workout time. This is the period that God uses to get us in shape for the purpose He has for our future. Waiting time is therefore preparation time. Every vision requires seasons of waiting.…

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“People Skills Matter; Without Them Inappropriate People Become Your Companions”

There are people who love God, but can’t stand God’s people. Some are very comfortable in the presence of God but uncomfortable in the presence of humans. But if your passion is to fulfil the purpose of God for your life, you will have to study how to get along with people. Nobody succeeds alone.…

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Take the Time to Identify Your Gift

Everything created has an assignment. Just like your eyes were designed to see, your arms were built to reach, and your nose shaped to breath, you were designed for something by the Creator. Do you know your own PURPOSE yet? Your life PURPOSE is revealed in your gifting and talents. What do you feel you…

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Become a Giver You Were Born to Be

You were created and equipped to demonstrate the love of God to your generation. Everything that you possess has been given to you by God to practically interpret His love to others. . The reason why you were endued with enormous amount of divine deposits is so that you can serve them to your environment.…

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“Analyse Your Disappointments Long Enough To Dig Out The Wisdom Hidden Within”

Life is full of disappointments. Fashioned into the core existence of mankind are series of dissatisfactions caused by shattered expectations. Great plans have been thwarted. Hopes which once epitomised the future fulfilment of some have been frustrated by other humans who chose to look the other way. Many have been disheartened by watching helplessly the…

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Focus on the Needs of Others

Your significance in life is decided by how much of yourself you pour out to help those in trouble. The worth of your reward is determined by the magnitude of the problems you solve for others. You are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God predetermined before you were born (Ephesians…

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Designed for Relationships Part 2

Discussion: Designed for Relationships Part 2 (Blog, 13 / 3 / 12)  Icebreaker: What’s your name and how did you get to be here this evening?  We’ve discussed the importance of relationships in our lives: the value of friends and the help and comfort they provide; whether we should maintain all our relationships or let…

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10 Reasons Why Order Is Crucial To Your Success

Order is the scriptural arrangement of human priorities. It is God’s recommended structure for living. Order is organising your life according to the Word of God. God is a God of order and He expects His children to function by it. Now, what is the scriptural arrangement of man’s priorities? Here is it; God first,…

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10 Decisions that Will Create Success Today

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not here. Today is really your life. Why? Because even when tomorrow arrives you’ll rename it “today.” Therefore, the only place there is life to live is today. Your life is in the NOW. Today is the day of blessings. The only way to create a fulfilled life is to…

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