Monthly Archives: February 2013

“A proof of Wisdom Is the Willingness to Learn”

What is Wisdom? I have come across several definitions of wisdom through my learning, but my favourite is the one that I felt the Lord dropped into my spirit – which says, “Wisdom is the ability to discern the mind of God in very situation.” In other words, wisdom is the capability to recognise the…

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Take Control of Your Thoughts

Thoughts have tremendous creative power. Everything that has been invented on the earth man humans was stated with a thought – from a simple pen to a sophisticated plane – all emerged from the thought-energy of humans. Science tells us that everything is energy, and constantly in a state of vibration – irrespective of its…

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Is Your Memory Working For You Or Against You?

What do you think about the most – your past failures or your future possibilities? Your life is whatever dominates your memory. The difference in people is the quality of their recollection. Those who major on recollecting their past disappointments and failures often pollute the present and robs themselves of today’s happiness and opportunities. One…

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