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Leave The Past Behind; Schedule Your Future Victories {Video}

Everyone has a story to tell. We are all creatures of memories and emotions. The dominant memories of your past may be distressing, disturbing or painful. Perhaps, yours might be a mixture of anger, indifference and small victories. Maybe your past stories have always been things to forget. Whatever the nature of our past experiences,…

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Protect Your Feelings From Being Dictated By Challenges

An enemy is any one who resents the plans of God concerning your life and would do anything to abort it. An enemy is someone whose passion is to destroy your future of victory. You will always have enemies. They can appear in various ways; as human agents or as the devil’s direct activities or…

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How To Win The Battle of The Mind {Video}

There is never going to be a day when there is no ferocious battle going on in your mind – be it the battle over your health, or the ones over your relationship. It could a battle concerning your spiritual life, finances, children, husband, wife, career, employment, emotional life or even concerning your values and…

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How To Win the War In Your Mind

Wisdom Key #26: “You Will Never Fight A Greater battle On The Earth Than The Battle Of The Mind.” Your mind is a battle field. It is where you gain the victory or suffer a defeat concerning things that matter to your joy and happiness. The big question is this: How do you win the…

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