How To Pray Effectively : The Prayer that Produces Results (Part One)

Prayer is conversation with God. It is the submitting of the feelings and desires of our souls to God in the name of our Great Mediator Jesus Christ (Hebrews 9:15). Prayer is the earth’s ultimate conversation. It is the channel through which Divinity connects with humanity. Prayer is talking and listening to God. It is an opportunity for divine participation in the affairs of men. Prayer is the birth-place for miracles and intimate relationship with the Most High God. Prayer is neither a thought nor is it a deliberation. Rather, it is a purposeful and direct outpouring of the soul to the Creator.

Prayer is a Divine instruction (Luke 18:1; Jeremiah 29:12). Prayer is obedience to divine expectations. We were created to hear God’s voice (Deuteronomy 4:36). We were made for conversation (Genesis 3:8). Thus, prayer is a potent opportunity for us to fulfil this divine plan. God loves to communicate. Remember, He is the Word (John 1:1). God so much loves “Words” that He calls Himself “The Word” (Revelation 19:13). He wants us to communicate with Him. He desires our intimate friendship. That is why prayer is crucial. God instructs us to ask and also to listen (Matthew 7:7; Matthews 11:15).

Prayer is a seed for Divine intimacy. In the natural, a man that never communicates with his wife will soon be living on his own. It works exactly the same with God. Spiritual separation is inevitable for a Christian who won’t pray. Prayer is communication (speaking and listening) with the Creator. It is our channel for connecting with heaven. It is an indispensable ingredient in the divine intimacy formula. Prayer helps us grow closer and more closely connected with God (Jeremiah 33:3; Matthew 26:41). Prayer does not need to be extraordinary in speech! God desires a relationship, not a show-business. Therefore, simply commune with your heavenly father in your own words.

Prayer is the birth-place for favourable seasons. Prayer is a birthing agent for miracles. In Scripture, we read of many men and women whose seasons of joy were birthed in the place of prayer. They literally used prayer to unlock their miracles. Abraham’s servant prayed for divine guidance as to who to be the wife of Isaac (Genesis 24:10-20). Jacob prayed for peace before meeting with his embittered brother, Esau (Genesis 32:9-12). David prayed to God that the counsel of Ahithophel be thwarted (2 Samuel 15:31). Jabez prayed and God delivered him from pain and enlarged his coast (1 Chronicles 4:10). Esther and Mordecai prayed and God crushed the evil intentions of Haman (Esther 4:15-17).Also, believers in Jerusalem prayed for Peter and God miraculously set him free from the prison (Acts 12:1-12). Prayer is our divine channel for unleashing supernatural participation.

Jesus prayed. Prayer was very important in the life and teachings of Jesus. He was extremely prayerful. He prayed often in public, private and would even spend the entire night in intimate communion with His heavenly father. Jesus prioritized prayer. He was a man of prayer. He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane and received strength to bear the sins of the world (Mark 14:32). Jesus was our example on how important prayer is for a victorious living. He prayed to commune with the Father in intimate fellowship and to receive strength for His assignment on the earth. Furthermore, In Matthew 6:5-16, Jesus took the time to teach His disciples on the subject of prayer and gave them a model of prayer in the Lord’s Prayer.

Prayer is an instrument of Order. Prayer is a tool. It is a divine instrument for creating favourable changes. It is the device we use to create order in our lives (Matthew 26:41). Everything that is contrary to the will of God is disorder. But God is a God of order (John 10:10). He is passionate at restoring everything broken, everything lost and everything missing in our lives. Pain, sickness, anxiety, depression, fear, weakness and poverty are all proofs of disorder. Prayer is simply a birth agent for order. If you can prayer effectively, you will experience a huge amount of order in your life.

Effective prayers are products of obedience to Divine protocols. God is a God of protocols. Jesus understood, taught and worked Divine protocol for effective prayers. This was the secret of His success on the earth. What is Protocol? Protocol, regarding prayer, is the expected procedures into the heart of God. The bible contains divine procedures for receiving. Regarding the things of the Spirit, nothing happens by accident. Everything in the kingdom is run by divine formula. The formula you use determines the outcome you get. If you change any element in the equation, the overall result will also change. The bible is simply a collection of procedures for living. Thus, if you want your prayer to touch the heart of God (because not all prayers do) you will have to observe divine protocols for effective prayers.

Divine protocols are designed to fulfil Divine mandates. God will never ask you to go to a certain place without showing you how to get there. Even though, God might ask you to take the first step of obedience before revealing the entire road-map to you, He will surely guide you all the way. In the same way God has shown us in His word the secrets to a prayer that swiftly provokes a divine response.

I believe that the secrets to an effective prayer are hidden in the books of Genesis 1:28 and Matthew 6:9-10. Both scriptural passages must be in agreement for you to pray effectively. Matthew 6:9-10 describes how to achieve Genesis 1:28. Remember, divine protocols are meant to fulfil divine mandates. When Jesus taught His disciples the “model” for prayer in Matthew 6:9-10, He simply presented them steps of devotion that would fulfil God’s five-fold mandates for humanity as found in Genesis 1:28. Until you are in the centre of the will of God, your prayers have no capability to deliver.

And God blessed them. And God said to them, “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Genesis 1:28

By the way, it is important to understand that the above verse is not just referring to marriage and procreation of children. Rather it covers the entirety of human fulfilment. Man had already been made in God’s image. He possessed divine deposits and carried within him the breath of God. He was basically an embodiment of immense potential. So when God blessed man (Genesis 1:28), it was a divine authorization to utilize his enormous amount of potential trapped on the inside of him. In other words, man received divine barking to increase and dominate his world. It was a special permission and empowerment for legitimate authority on the earth.  He is been authorized to unlock his hidden potential, including the gift for procreation, productivity and dominion.

Here is the five-fold mandate for living; be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, subdue it and have dominion. This is the will of God for man. Therefore, for prayers to be effective, the person offering prayer must be in the will of God (five-fold mandate). Secondly, the prayer being offered must also be in alignment with the will of God and with the divine protocol for prayer (Matthew 6:9-13).

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