How To Protect Your Mind For Greatness

What voices have you permitted in your environment? What kind of sound is impacting you? Every voice has a different impartation. Every sound creates different mood.

What voice is active in your world? Is it a voice of negativity, pessimism, fear, doubt, unbelief, inferiority complex? Or are they voices of hope, faith, grace, purpose, confidence, positivity, optimism, boldness?

What enters you determines what you feel. The voice you permit decides the future you authorise. Words are the seeds for feelings. They are also building blocks with which your future will be made of. Words impart your thinking and your thinking imparts your decisions. Your decisions then decide your future.

Until you control the voices that are instructing your mind, you have no control over your future.  Whatever voice is dominant in your mind is the voice that is deciding your feeling and your future. Therefore, if you want to change how you are feeling, simply change the voice you are listening to. When you change the voice you trust, you change your future.

I recently heard a true life story of a young man who decided to terminate his own life because someone he trusted and loved told him she had finished with him. He was discarded. His entire life was crushed through disappointment and could only see hopelessness. Eventually, the voice that he trusted decided his future.

The children of Israel listened to the voices of doubt, fear, nervousness, sadness, defeat, and hopelessness from the ten returning Spies from the Land of Canaan, and plummeted into depression and wept all night long (Nu 13:31-33; Nu 14:1). Ungodly voices create sad seasons, while Godly voices birth glad seasons.

If you desire to change your energy, change the sound that enters your ears. Identify and, if possible, totally disengage from those in your circle of friends who destroy your faith with their unholy comments, feed your doubt and diminish your confidence. Then recognise and move towards those voices that unleash your confidence, feed your faith and destroy your unbelief.

Adapt your environment to your desired future. You are responsible for the voice you permit into your life.  Seek the company of those who will add value to your life. Engage the friendship of those whose passions contain your focus. Remember you are a reward to your generation. You are a blessing to the world. But unless you continue to listen to right voices, you will struggle to sustain passion for the future. Great dreams can remain unheard for a life time, when exposed too long to wrong voices.

“Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 5:33


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