How To Think Tall And leap Unto Your Future

The mind was designed for thoughts. Little wonder you can never walk away from a thought without walking into another thought.  Thoughts are birthing agents for future actions and experiences.

As powerful as thoughts are, they are highly susceptible to the power of words. What we hear often dictates what we start to think about. The opinions of others about you affect how and what you think about you. For example, if you think long enough about a negative comment somebody made about you, it becomes ingrained in your subconscious mind and, in time, you begin to live it. You will always live like the person you think you are.

In my opinion, two of the dominant functions of thoughts are CREATIVITY and PERCEPTION. Regarding creativity, God gave you a mind for thinking, so that you can carve your future on the platform of your imagination. Your Mind has the power to create hope in your hopelessness, or peace in a chaotic situation. The mandate of your mind is to resize your experiences. You can shrink your fears with your mind or enlarge them. Thoughts can be your magnifiers of reducers. They increase or decrease the impacts of your emotions.

Regarding perception, God gave you the ability to think so that you can dig deep and put things in perspective. Through the power of thoughts, you can authorise and unauthorised any words, emotions or opinions, based on what you want to experience in your future. You can accept and claim the positives, while rejecting and discarding the negatives. Discretion

The battle of the Mind is a battle over what you should be focusing your thoughts on. The greatest ability on the earth, I believe, is not the intelligence of a genius, but a mind that always knows what to focus on. Knowing how to focus our thoughts to our advantage in times of challenges is a continuous test that few people pass in life. But if we are able to take control of our thoughts and use it to our advantage, we can create any future we desire. Your life will always tend towards your dominant thoughts. The bible says “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” Proverbs 23:7

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