“People Will Only Seek Your Wisdom, Not Your Foolishness”

Wisdom is the application of accurate knowledge; whereas foolishness is the arrogance of the heart to deliberately ignore the right and proven knowledge in order to apply the wrong one. This can be perfectly illustrated by a medical doctor who smokes. Even though he is vastly knowledgeable with regards to the potential negative consequences of smoking, he chooses to remain a smoker anyway. The difference between wisdom and foolishness is application of the knowledge acquired. Your level of wisdom is truly revealed in what you do, and not by what you know.

Ignorance vs. Foolishness

Furthermore, being ignorant is different from being foolish in the sense that ignorance is not knowing, while foolishness is knowing, but not willing to apply the right knowledge. For example, a smoker who is unaware of the devastating effects of smoking cannot be regarded as a fool but as ignorant. In other words, ignorance is to be unaware of helpful knowledge, while foolishness is to be fully aware of helpful knowledge but refuses to apply it.

Therefore, a man can only be classified as a fool to the degree to which he’s knowledgeable. It is our knowledge, and not our ignorance, that defines our foolishness. It is in the knowing that foolishness is revealed. Therefore, the difference between foolishness and ignorance is merely information, as both parties will end up failing as far as application is concerned.

Wisdom is extremely desirable, but foolishness is a burden nobody is willing to bear. Therefore the golden key to significance is true wisdom; a passion to learn and exhibit what is right. There are two main ways to learn wisdom; through a mentor or from past mistakes. The former remains the best choice, as the latter can be very costly.

What Do You Know

Now, everybody knows something. We all gather positive knowledge consistent to our level of passion in our areas of interest. There is no one on the earth who is not good at something. We are creatures of peculiarities. God created each one of us equipped with distinctive natural talents and passions for the purpose of creating pleasurable experiences for ourselves and others (1 Peter 4:10).

A talent is a natural know-how that gets better and better as one refines it through learning and practice. When you develop and apply your natural know-hows, people will eventually seek to know you. Your significance in life is hidden in your refinement and distribution of your God-given talents (Proverbs 4:9). Hidden in our uniqueness are the seeds of greatness.

But the tragedy is that many minds have already been distorted by the opinions of others or challenges of life regarding what they can do or cannot do, to the extent that they have slumped into inactivity. They know what they are good at but are overwhelmed with the feelings of “I am not good enough.” Likewise, they constantly hear the still small voice urging them to believe in themselves and step into the plate of actions, but choose to be inoperative because they feel they do not know enough.

There is Something You Love

What do you love doing? What unlocks your energy? Whatever you enjoy doing reveal the natural know-hows you contain.  Do you love painting, organising, listening to people, caring, counselling, selling, singing, reading or encouraging others? Identify your distinctive difference from others. Then begin to use it to birth positive experiences for others. Everyone is a potential expert in the area of their giftedness, depending on their passion for personal development and applications.

Do not try to do many things. Just identify one key talent in you, explore it and begin to transfer its untapped energy into practical and useful application. You contain what others need. Someone’s future will not begin until you walk into their lives with your gifts. Someone needs what you know.

Develop an Action Mind-Set

Refuse to focus on your weaknesses, but on your dominant strength. Concentrate your energy, time, and finances in developing your key gifting and serving them to your world. While, it is true that you will have to access new information and know more that you already know in relation to your personal developments and efficiency, do not wait until you have all what it takes before you start making a difference.

Finally I believe that the most important knowledge you can ever seek in life is the knowledge of God. The word of God is the wisdom of God. Never stop growing in the knowledge of God, which is your ultimate wisdom.

Secondly, I am convinced that the courage to convert the acquired positive knowledge into actions is proof of true wisdom. But above all, become a doer and not just a learner. If you passionately seek after true knowledge and apply it, you will become a sought-after phenomenon in your generation.

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. And in all your getting, get understanding. Exalt her, and she will promote you; She will bring you honour, when you embrace her. She will place on your head an ornament of grace; A crown of glory she will deliver to you.” Proverbs 4:7-9




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