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battle of the mind

6 Steps To Win the Battles Over Your Life

The devil has a way of planting unholy or satanic thoughts in your mind in order to make you walk in the flesh and embrace doubts. His purpose is to abort God’s plans of blessings and fulfilment for your life. But the instructions of God for our victory are very clear in scriptures; In this…

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How To Win the War In Your Mind

Wisdom Key #26: “You Will Never Fight A Greater battle On The Earth Than The Battle Of The Mind.” Your mind is a battle field. It is where you gain the victory or suffer a defeat concerning things that matter to your joy and happiness. The big question is this: How do you win the…

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Every Battle is an Opportunity

Life is a continuous warfare. You are always involved in one battle or the other, whether you realise it or not. There is never a day in your life when you are not in a battle – whether it is a battle over your health, joy, peace, relationships, children, marriage, finances, crucial decision making or…

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