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“Whatever You Are Unwilling To Unwind Remains Twisted”

One of the most incredible gifts God gave to man is the freedom of choice – the freewill. But attached to every divine gift is the responsibility for stewardship. For this reason, the freedom of choice basically confers upon us the duty to orchestrate our own life symphony. Through our decisions, we can shape our own…

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Rising Above Bitterness (Part One)

Bitterness is a very subtle negative emotion. It is subtle because it is often equipped with valid reasons for its existence. As we all know, life is a sequence of battles. Disappointments, betrayal, negative thinking, destructive words, loss, injustices, and undesirable circumstances beyond humans’ control have all contributed to the breeding and the legality of this…

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How do I handle anxiety?

Ice-breaker: Share one thing you are thankful for today. We all have concerns, we all have worries… At what point does a concern turn into anxiety? What constitutes anxiety? What are its symptoms? How do you normally handle anxiety? By focussing on the issue? By trying to escape from it? Can you be anxious without…

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