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5 Divine Truths That Will Unleash Your Miracles

A miracle is a gift that only God can give. A miracle is a divine participation in the troubles that you face. Our God is a miracle God. He derives great pleasures in working miracles for His beloved… ..But in creating your miracle, God will always require your participation. He will use what is in your…

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How to Handle the Pains and Disappointments of the Past

It is prudent to learn from the past; it is imprudent to live there. One of the benefits of the past is the wisdom and discernment it releases for us to profit by. But if we miss the lessons and major on the pains, we cannot live victoriously as God intended. In this video, I…

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How To Schedule Your Favour

Favour is God’s unparalleled blessings resting on man. It is a Divine preferential treatment. Favour is to be divinely enabled to prosper. But many keep asking, “Can I ever walk in the extraordinary favour of the Lord?” The answer is “yes you can.” You can, if you understand and utilise the key to Divine favour.…

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God’s Mercy is Calling You

We serve a gracious and compassionate God. His mercy is from everlasting to everlasting (Psalm 103:8-13). He always yearns for a repentant heart (Psalm 51:17). His desire is that those who are far away or have strayed from the will of God come back to His mercy. The bible says in Isaiah 55:7 that,  “Let the…

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