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4 Keys About Kindness for Influence and Fulfilment

There are many divine principles that must be mastered and expressed if we are to appropriate the fullness of the joy and abundance that Christ has purchased for us. Kindness is one of them. In this video, I share 4 vital keys on kindness that can increase the quality of your influence and position you…

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Look Beyond Your Pain

Pain is proof that an enemy exists. Adversity reminds us that we are in a fierce battle against the forces of darkness. But whatever challenges you are facing today, be rest assured in the Lord that they will pass. Your pain will pass. Your adversity will subside. The bible says, “…Weeping may endure for a…

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The Power Of Laughing Aloud

Personality traits may be inborn; but laughter is a choice. Life challenges may arrive unpredicted; but happiness is a decision. Adversity might hits so strong, but it never negotiates your depression. Depression is a human reaction to overwhelming adversity. In other words, your happiness is your choice, and so is your depression. You can choose…

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