“Whatever You Are Unwilling To Unwind Remains Twisted”

One of the most incredible gifts God gave to man is the freedom of choice – the freewill. But attached to every divine gift is the responsibility for stewardship. For this reason, the freedom of choice basically confers upon us the duty to orchestrate our own life symphony. Through our decisions, we can shape our own destiny.

You are the CEO of your life. Your decisions matter immensely to your present and future experiences. You are not only responsible to decide day-to-day trivial decisions such as what you wear or eat, but also about big future-deciding choices which include your relationships, family, finance, health, habits and your vision for the future.

Decisions shape destiny. Your future is not automatic, but a product of your decisions. What or where you are today is as a result of most of your past decisions – your education, relationships, marital status, and career. Likewise whatever your dream for the future may be, you can create it through your decisions.

Is there any change you desire in you, around you or in your future? You can make it happen by making suitable decisions. There are things in your life that will remain unchanged unless you decide to change them. Your desired life experiences and future are simply waiting for you to unleash them, through the power of your decisions.

Many years ago my local church had no consistent pianist. As a result, I became frustrated having had to pray or hope for someone who could play piano to turn up. One day, right in the midst of my dismay, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. “Do you know you can be the answer to your prayers?” said the Holy Spirit gently to my spirit. I could not believe what I was hearing! It was a big shock to my legalistic mind.

In consternation, I said to the Lord, “Lord I am only passionate about prayer and preaching, and not about piano!” Then the Holy Spirit replied, “Haven’t you read that “I am able to make all grace abound towards you…?” “You are just a decision away,” He said.

My mind was enlightened. I was reminded that I was just a decision away from becoming a keyboard player. This was huge to me. I suddenly realised I could create whatever experience I desire through my decisions. As I began to meditate upon this revelation, I began to understand that there are many things I do not have to wait for or even pray for if I can ask questions and look inwardly for decisions that can jump-start my desired experience.

The Holy Spirit made me to understand that every human desired experience can be kick-started by their decisions, but not all can be completed without God’s participation. This was revolutionary to me! Heaven simply waits for my initial decisions before intervening. This explains why God cannot even get you saved without your initial decision to be saved.

Back to the story of my local church, glory be to God, I decided to start learning piano. Three months later, I began to play in our church services. Many of my church friends could not believe it. But little did they know that the only difference between incapability and capability is a decision.

What would you like to change for the better in your life? What is broken in your life that you have been hoping someone else will fix for you? Maybe your issue might not be related to music, but whatever it is; its solution is hidden in your decisions.

Any problem you can get mad about, you can overcome. Sometime the solution might lie somewhere else but it is your decision to do something positive that will connect you to where the solution is. Remember the woman with the issue of blood, she decided to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment and she was made whole. Even though she could not heal herself, she still had to make a decision to reach for Jesus.

Every experience you crave is often a decision away. Maybe you want to quit an unhelpful habit, lose weight, get more education, start a business, become debt free, or restore a broken relationship, whatever the case may be, you can make it happen if you decide it in your heart and make quality decisions that will link you to it. Decisions are bridges to destinies. Change always begins with you.

Your desired future will not happen voluntarily, you’ll have to set in motion by your decisions. Stop waiting for a miracle. You are already a walking miracle waiting to happen. If your desire is to lose weight, simply start by eating less and exercising more. If it is becoming financially free, just stop spend more than you earn and start saving.

Every change you want in life will have to start in your mind. Your mind is the birth-place for change. Your willingness to change is the first step towards real change. You can create what you want in your future by making decisions that will get you there. You are an agent for change. Focus on quality decisions today and create your preferred future.

Remain Blessed


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