Wisdom For Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year, New Beginning

It is a brand new Year! Many have already begun their resolutions with great determination to make some noticeable improvements to their lives. The start of a new year, to many of us, indicates a fresh start or a new beginning. As a result, many of us see it as an opportunity to make some important changes we consider necessary for our well-being and happiness.

At the beginning of the year, there is a general feeling of freshness, with some kinds of impetus to better the quality of our lives. Many people’s New Year’s resolutions include quit-smoking, stop-drinking, save-money, just to mention a few. For believers, their resolutions include reading the bible daily, praying more, practising holiness, attending church services more regularly. Clearly, everyone wants to change for the better.

While there are varieties of areas in which people long to see changes in the New Year, the most common New Year’s resolution, according to the statistics, is weight loss. Therefore, like any other year, more people will be joining Gym clubs this year, while others will be taking to the streets, fields or indoors sports centre for different kinds of exercises.

But the big question is this; why is it that many find it hard to sustain passion for their New Year’s resolutions? The statistics show that 85% will have quit before the first quarter of this year while less than 5% follow through until the end of the year. Could it be that people are not determined enough regarding their resolutions? Or could it be that they do not want their desired goal badly enough?

I believe that some people have enough determination, as well as enough willingness to change, but they still struggle to keep up with the success habits they start out at the beginning of the year. Determination and the willingness to change are powerful ingredients, but more often than not, seem to be insufficient to deter people from giving up on their resolutions.

I believe there is an intrinsic element of humanity which craves to move toward total well-being and prosperity. But what is also apparent is the wave of resistance or inhibitions that knock men off the paths of goodness. Maintaining passion for what we once felt determined to accomplish seem to be one of the greatest struggles of mankind.

Unleash the Power of Your Imagination

In my opinion, determination or will-power only is not enough to weather the storms of fierce oppositions that are constantly up against our resolutions to make those positive changes we desire. I believe that a key ingredient for maintaining passion throughout the year and beyond is to see yourself as already having what you desire, even before you begin the process of acquiring it. For example, see yourself as a non-smoker, and not as someone who is trying to quit smoking. Punch on the power of your imagination and begin to feel good in your spirit as if you already possess your desired outcome.

This is a divine principle – calling those things which do not exist as though they do exist (Romans 4:17). This is how God operates. It is the secret of creation. When you choose to believe that you already have what you desire, you basically activate divine magnetism which will then attract your confessed desires into your life. Likewise, your subconscious mind becomes extremely active to supply the necessary energy once it internalises your new positive operating commands.

The moment you declare yourself as already in possession of your New Year’s resolutions, the universal law of attraction begin to bring into your life all the conditions necessary to make your confession a reality. Remember, you were created in God’s image. You possess the fragment of God’s nature, which of course is sufficient to create on this earth what you will ever need.

Your ultimate functionality will never be activated unless you study your Creator and begin to function the way He does function. Now, how does God functions? God functions by faith and by speaking. He sees the end of a thing from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). Also, He speaks into existence what He has already seen and actualised on His mind (Genesis 1:3, 6, 9, and 11). The bible tells us that everything we see was made by things that we do not see (Hebrews 11:3). Your imagination and your words are invisible forces of creativity capable of bring the invisible (your vision) into visibility (manifestation).

Your success this year will require more than sheer determination. You will have to harness divine laws of imagination and confessions in order to bring into reality your goals. Until your determination cooperates with your imagination and your positive confessions, you have no sufficient ingredients to produce your desired outcomes for this year.

The greatest resolutions you will ever make in life is to learn to think and function like God. Albert Einstein says “All I want to do is to think like God thinks.” If you will think, function and act like God, nothing can stand in your way to extra-ordinary exploits in this material world. You were shaped to function like God. This is the way you were wired, and it is the only channel by which you can demonstrate your extra-ordinary power of creativity which is your irretrievable divine deposit.

Surprisingly, you do not even have to be a born-again believer before you can unleash the power of your imaginations and words. These are part of the divine nature of God which man must also possess if indeed he was made in the very image of God. Many people who are yet to know God have used and still are using these divine laws to create for themselves extra-ordinary futures. There is no human being who is ordinary. We are all extra-ordinary beings. We are spiritual beings in a physical world.

You are a creator, just like your Heavenly Father (Psalm 82:6; John 10:34). When you live your life just like God does – calling what is currently invisible as though it is visible, the universal laws of God will work tirelessly on your behalf to create the future you want to experience.

When you change your thoughts and your confessions, you will change your future. “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it,” rightly said by Albert Einstein. You must explore and get in touch with your source (God) and imitate His divine principles for greatness.

The quality of your success this year, regarding your New Year’s resolutions, will be determined by your ability to imagine yourself as already in possession of your resolutions. This is the power of divine creativity. This is why the bible says, “let the weak say “I am strong (Joel 3:10)”. Let the confessions of your mouth and the pictures of your imagination reflect your faith and confidence that you already have what you desire, and they will be yours (Mark 11:24).

Happy New Year


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